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Press Release Category Health - Organizations - Mastering Central Release Date: 00, 0000

How Everyday Ingredients Can Relieve Common Nagging Health Symptoms

By Mastering Central
00, 0000
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Which common day foods, herbs, and spices are potentially the best to lower cholesterol, boost metabolism, reduce inflammation, and awaken the body's natural ability to heal?

PR9.NET 00, 0000 - Greensboro, NC – Preventive medicine is making a comeback, as
countless Americans (driven by leading alternative health experts) are kicking processed foods to the curb and rediscovering the power nutrition plays in health.

No longer are prescription drugs and surgery seen as the only solution to improve health. Instead, the same natural solutions your grandparents knew are finding their own niche in helping people restore their health.

Josef Klein, a factory engineer and business owner of, says, "My 91 year-old knew the secrets of living a natural life and has perfect health as a result. Re-touching with this way life restored my energy, vitality, and my health to what it was 20 years ago!"

As the baby-boomer generation continues to age, they are looking for solutions to staying younger, thinner, and gaining more energy. Reconnecting with this natural way of living is allowing them to do that without unnecessary surgery or drugs.

This means a new wave of consumers are buying more organic food items, reducing consumption of processed foods, and even choosing to shop in health oriented grocery stores popping-up around the nation.

As a result, consumers can expect easier access to a wider range of affordable and tasty alternatives to junk foods in the future. These healthier choices are more likely to contain ingredients which are potentially more likely to have healing capacities.

Some especially potent foods to awaken the body's natural ability to heal include:

· Turmeric
· Garlic
· Ginger
· Yoghurt
· Olive Oil
· Flax seeds

Adding these ingredients to your diet on a regular basis may help to reduce many of your nagging health symptoms.

Josef Klein is the publisher of the new e-book, "Natural Healing Recipes." Arrange an interview with Josef Klein for more insights on. Direct line: (336) 632-1093 Email: Other helpful information can be found at:

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