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Press Release Category Health - Organizations - Inland Empire Boot Camp Release Date: December 21, 2005

The Healing Codes Proves it can lower Stress Levels according to Heart Rate Variability testing

By Inland Empire Boot Camp
December 21, 2005
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Biocom Technologies Heart Rate Variability Software was used for this testing as well as HRM-02 Pulse Wave Sensor complete details can be found at Http:// under Scientific Research.

PR9.NET December 21, 2005 - "According to 30 years of medical research, Heart Rate Variability is the best test in existence of the state of the body's autonomic nervous system and is not even 1%. Peter Julian, Director, Advanced Cardiologics

The subjects were placed on the heart rate variability device and given three minutes to adjust to baseline. A five minute HRV test was then performed. These results are illustrated the Pre-Treatment column.

One of Http:// Healing Codes was designed and performed on the subjects.

Immediately after treatment another five minute HRV test was performed. These results appear in the After 1st Treatment column. This resulted in an 80% change of people who were in balance.

A total of 20 minutes was allowed for the Pre-Treatment, the Healing Code Treatment, and After 1st Treatment.

For the 15% of people who remained out of balance an additional healing code was designed and performed resulting in an additional 5% of subjects going into balance. These results appear in the After 2nd Treatment column.

A third post treatment test was performed between eighteen and thirty-six hours later and these results appear in the 24 hours later column.

The total number of tests performed were ninety-seven.

Discussion: The number of subjects that were in balance as defined by Biocom Technologies in the pre-treatment column was significantly low. The change in "inbalance" subjects after the first treatment was dramatic and highly statistically significant.

However, of much greater significance is the fact that 75% of the subjects were still in balance in the 24 hours Later column. This represents a net change of 70% over baseline, utilizing Http://

There have been previous reports by other techniques indicating that some movement toward in balance could be obtained for brief periods of time, i.e. minutes to hours but this dramatic shift and probably more importantly the length of the shift i.e. 24 hours appears to be unprecedented in the literature.

"The Heart Rate Variability test gives an incredible accurate view of the autonomic nervous system (ANS) as well as the variability of the heart. It is extremely difficult to change the ANS because it is a stable characteristic. There is no placebo effect with the ANS." Fuller Royal, MD, Medical Director, The Nevada Clinic.

Ongoing intermittent HRV tests using Http:// techniques will continue to validate the original findings.

For More Information Contact: for more insights into this topic. Email: Other helpful information regarding the this product or service can be found at:

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The Healing Codes Proves it can lower Stress Levels according to Heart Rate Variability testing

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