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Press Release Category Health - Organizations - Tarmace Pty Ltd Release Date: September 04, 2004

Gilbert Labour announces the World Make Your Own Burger Day for 3rd October 2004

By Tarmace Pty Ltd
September 04, 2004
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The World Make Your Own Burger Day planned for the 3rd October 2004 asks people to forgo a bought burger for one made at home and requests the difference in cost to be forwarded to the favourite children charity of the donor. If they so wish, to request their nominated charity to forward their contribution to the children victims of recent violence in Russia.

PR9.NET September 04, 2004 - Children are the innocent victims of violence and do not know which side they may or may not belong to or which side is right or wrong. They are used as pawns in struggles between powerful leaders and are usually an unintended casualty of the fight currently being waged by peoples and groups displaying many guises and forms. They are totally ignorant of this and the shattering of these illusions can have painful and lasting consequences. The purpose of this day is to focus attention on what we can do, however small, to change this situation around. Why the humble burger? Because it is ubiquitous, simple to make and much cheaper to make at home compared to one bought outside. The difference is small for each burger but provided a large number of people forgo one burger on the day it could make a difference to the lives of these Russian children victims who even before these incidents were marginalised and living a life on the edge of poverty and despair. Why 3rd October 2004. It is a Sunday and probably a day for casual eating out which is not as extravagant as Saturday. Why this day organised by a life and executive coach? Because in normal circumstances a person in Russia would not be able to afford the insight, guidance and support of a life coach or an executive coach but this is a small contribution to the children of a people who have suffered too much for far too long. Even if only one person makes a donation of $3 it will make a telling statement and send an emphatic message that we care.

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