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Press Release Category Health - Education - happyfish Release Date: November 15, 2012

How Internet Marketing Educated Me

By happyfish
November 15, 2012
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Internet marketing is not all bad, not now that I understand it. How a man overcame learning difficulties through the need to make extra money and the desire to fulfill a life long ambition of becoming a writer.

PR9.NET November 15, 2012 - Eddy Dewey aged 44 could barely write a sentence 2 years ago and with very poor grammar and below average knowledge of the English language, has to a certain degree battled against the odds to fulfill an ambition that most of us would laugh at.

Aged 14 Eddy was asked to leave his high school and attend a school for children with learning difficulties, which is now recognised as ADHD. (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder)
Eddy would now argue that ADHD is a new name for something that has always existed, it was just called something else back then, "showing off and attention seeking", but as soon as we give something a fancy name we are expected to have sympathy for the so called sufferer.

"I never wanted sympathy."

Eddy says "I thought it was cool to be able to say no to the teachers or start swearing at them in front of other students, my refusal to carry out task and be abusive to teachers gave me a sort of pedestal and a personality that was recognisable throughout my school and neighborhood".

When Eddy was away from school, he was known as caring and helpful, often a favorite of the old folk and parents of younger children, he would bring everyone together and had a natural ability to form communities around him but not for him, and always a supporter of the underdog.

In his home he would write songs and poetry that was unreadable by anyone other than himself and seemed to have a natural ability to understand technical things such as the computers of the mid eighties and their programming language.

Today much of that still stands true...

A little disruptive at work, a keen supporter of the underdog, a love of writing and a natural technical ability.

"I find it better if I work by myself or I become disruptive, in the sense that I can sell the idea of a better life to a co-worker, they are then left questioning their life and their reasons for not pursuing their dreams".

"I have come to realise that I am trying to live my life through other people, and their actions that have been brought on by something I have said, is my reward".

Eddy is now 44, he's a fire alarm engineer and a father of two, that works a 40+ hour week but has the same dreams he had as 25 year old. He wants to write and inspire those that think they are of a lesser worth, but he knows that he has a limited knowledge of English grammar and no time to be chasing dreams.

"I am my own worst enemy" he says with look of confidence, " I know to much of everything but not enough of just one thing to make me an exprert, when you come from my sort of background you have many life experiences, good and bad and I have been around the clock enough times to understand all of my emotions and desires.
The thing I find hardest is that I have never been money motivated or entrepreneurial, I am not afraid of failure as it is all irrelevant in the scheme of things, I have no fear of loosing everything and having to start all over again.

There are just a few things that upset me, the thought of not doing more to achieve those life long dreams and the thought that my children will never really understand who or what I really am.
I love them with every drop of blood in my body so much that sometimes it makes my heart hurt."

Eddy started to listen to online marketing podcast as recently as March 2012 and got hooked: technical, grammatical, educational, entrepreneurial and a possibility of reaching out to others.

He joined an adult education group to better his English and started to show others how to create websites and market their hobbies, he has wrote post for some Kitchen websites and a Sofa review site along with a few others.

He says "it doesn't matter what I am writing, it is still an expression of my personality and ability, I may never be a great or even a good writer but I can say that I am a writer, and there is a big amount of satisfaction in that".

Eddy is now in the process of creating a site that will teach young adults the benefits of effective social media and how to turn ideas into money making projects.

Maybe life does begin in your forties

# # #

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About happyfish

Happyfish, Simple web content.
We write simple yet affective web content.
Happyfish is one man and his keyboard that overcame dyslexia to fulfill his ambition of becoming a writer and although in the early days of this journey, he is fulfilling his ambitions.

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