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Press Release Category Health - Education - Presentation Dynamics LLC Release Date: December 11, 2011

Joseph Pilates' original ground-breaking books are now available in ePUB and ePDF versions. See our website/blog at for further details

By Presentation Dynamics LLC
December 11, 2011
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Joseph Pilates' original books on fitness, health, and exercises have been released as ePUB and ePDF versions. All versions are available from Atlas Books, and links to each can be seen at the top of our Pilates Blog at

PR9.NET December 11, 2011 - Joseph Pilates' original ground-breaking books are now available in ePUB and ePDF versions. See our website/blog at for further details.

Pilates' Return to Life Through Contrology represents the first major publication in 1945 by Joseph H. Pilates and William J. Miller detailing the exercises, poses, and instructions fundamental to the matwork developed by Joseph and Clara Pilates. Based on his concepts of a balanced Body and Mind, drawn from the approach espoused by the early Greeks, these are the original exercises that currently sustain a worldwide revolution in fitness strategies and exercise techniques. Joseph Pilates has been nothing short of revolutionary in his impact on the world of fitness and exercise. You will learn in this book the original 34 exercises that he taught to his students, many of whom have become exercise gurus in their own right. These carefully designed exercises constitute the results of decades of scientific study, experimentation and research into the variety of physical ills that upset the balance of body and mind. Pilates makes extraordinary claims about the benefits of his defined science of "Contrology". The exercises shown in this original book constitute the breadth of his ground-breaking definition of Contrology, and are basic to the growing army of worldwide trainers whose teachings rely on the instructions contained in this book. Living testimony to the validity of his own teachings, the photographs of this book are of Joseph Pilates himself at age sixty! In this book, you will learn the exercises that Joseph Pilates recommended to accompany the basic advice found in his book, Your Health, regarding posture, body mechanics, correct breathing, spinal flexibility, and physical education. It is fascinating to study these exercises and to discover the origins of what is being taught by fitness enthusiasts, health educators, and exercise trainers around the world.

Joe Pilates' other book, originally published in 1936, is Your Health. Also republished in 1998 by Presentation Dynamics, this book details Pilates' general principles of fitness and approaches to living but without specific exercises.

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About Presentation Dynamics LLC

Presentation Dynamics has been an educational and publishing firm since 1991. Specializing in training modalities from book publishing to live workshops, we offer books, presentations, and a variety of logistical support for our own speakers, trainers, and products.

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