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Press Release Category Health - Environmental Health - Hanford Nuclear Services, Inc. (HNS ) Release Date: June 21, 2008

Hanford Nuclear Services, Inc. (HNS ) to sell US Patent 6805815, Unique "Dirty Bomb" Cleanup Polymer

By Hanford Nuclear Services, Inc. (HNS )
June 21, 2008
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This versatile polymer is non-biodegradable, non-combustible, non-toxic, radiation-proof, resists chemical corrosion, and is a viable solution for nuclear waste storage and "dirty bomb" cleanup.

PR9.NET June 21, 2008 - West Plains, Missouri - Hanford Nuclear Services, Inc. (HNS), a leading research and advisory firm for the nuclear and environmental industries, announces the sale of US Patent 6805815, "Composition For Shielding Radioactivity" through a website that offers access to patent, test data, an applications presentation, and portable deployment system information (

The sprayable polymer, produced from two liquid monomers, forms a highly viscous, rubber-like membrane that is non-biodegradable, non-combustible, non-toxic, radiation-proof, and resistant to chemical corrosion. National Lab tests have proven that the polymer composites can withstand very high levels of alpha, beta and gamma radiation. The polymer's chemical properties will destroy major terrorism related chemicals, encapsulate biological reagents on contact, and render them inactive. It will encapsulate radionuclides and isolate the same from further spreading. When modified with certain additives, it can be made into a radiation shielding material that will last for centuries. It is an ideal agent for containing radioactive materials, shielding first responders from radiation, and has the ability to contain and isolate about 98% of hazardous materials after their release. The polymer also has excellent mechanical properties, can be spread as a latex, and it can also be made into a grout with high, unconfined compressive strength. The polymer passes all of the leaching requirements of U.S. EPA 10CRF61.

HNS has also created the Biological Radiological And Chemical Emergency Response (BRACER) post-terrorism response system that uses a dual tank backpack deployment system. The polymer can be sprayed in buildings contaminated with radionuclides during Decontamination & Decommissioning (D&D) operations. In case of nuclear, biological and chemical (NBC)/"dirty bomb" attacks, the polymer can be sprayed over the area until rendered harmless. After only a few minutes when the polymerization is complete, the material along with the contaminants can be easily removed and properly disposed by a HAZ-MAT team. Deployment systems can be tailored globally for: Households, Airports, Inside Aircraft and Automobiles, Subway, Bus and Train stations, Schools/Colleges, Hospitals, Government and Office buildings. Personnel Protective System for: Every Soldier, HAZ-MAT Teams, Police Departments, Fire Departments, SWAT Teams, Highway Patrol, Security Officers.

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Contact Information of Hanford Nuclear Services, Inc. (HNS ) Contact Information of Hanford Nuclear Services, Inc. (HNS )
Phone 417-256-1101
FAX 417-256-1103
E-Mail E-mail Address Protected
Address 214 West Main Plaza
West Plains, Missouri 65775

About Hanford Nuclear Services, Inc. (HNS )

Hanford Nuclear Services, Inc. (HNS) and their team of highly skilled Environmental Engineers, Scientists, and Consultants, strive to seek challenging opportunities as world renowned industrial and regulatory agency environmental problem solvers. HNS provides advisory services through a focus on federal, state, and local regulatory requirements with the goal of benefiting and protecting the Health, Safety and Welfare of the Public and Environment.

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