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Press Release Category Health - Environmental Health - 9Seconds Release Date: May 01, 2008

From Saving Lives to Saving the Forest

By 9Seconds
May 01, 2008
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According to National Geographic, as of 2000, the world is no longer sustainable. For One Acre at a Time, this knowledge calls them into action.

PR9.NET May 01, 2008 - Tampa, FL - As many seek more innovative ways to live "green", a new environmental non-profit company is set to announce its arrival. The organization, founded by retired Coast Guard rescue swimmer, Gerald R. Hoover, has the lofty goal of saving American forests – One Acre at a Time - just like his Coast Guard career where the lives he saved were one person at a time. With the spiraling loss of 6000 acres of forest per day, according to the US Forestry Service, American forests are quickly becoming something children will only see in science books or, at this pace, history books.

Saving the forest is good for the health of the planet and the human race. Studies show deforestation accounts for 20% of all carbon released into the atmosphere. Considering the average forest absorbs up to 2.6 tons of carbon per acre, per year, it's unquestionable that trees are vital to clean air. In addition, forests help provide clean drinking water, ensure wildlife survival and provide "green" spaces that are vital to the survival of Earth.

One Acre at a Time's mission is to save forests into perpetuity. Its stated goal is to preserve 50,000 acres of forest within the first five years. The founders dream, however, is to ultimately achieve a no-net loss of U.S. forests, which means preserving existing forests and, whenever trees are removed, planting more elsewhere. The goal seems overwhelming, but like every journey that begins with that first step and completed one step at a time, so too is the journey to saving American forest.

Without reinventing existing mechanisms that preserve forest, One Acre at a Time has created a new methodology. Through the use of conservation easements, which are a type of deed restriction that prevent development - forever, One Acre at a Time will entice landowners into preserving their forests. Currently there are about 1700 land trusts that hold and monitor conservation easements and ensure that land owners comply with the no development deed restrictions. Traditionally, these easements were donated to a land trust as a tax break to landowners. To increase the number of landowners willing to enter their forest into an easement, One Acre at a Time will pay them fair market value to do so. Instead of receiving a tax break, they will receive a cash payment. The key to One Acre at a Time's success is engaging the American public to join them in this struggle.

To realize the dream One Acre at a Time offers the sale of Conservation Credits in various increments and packages for individuals, organizations and corporations. Since One Acre at a Time is a non-profit your purchase is likely tax deductible. Strategic alliances with land trusts and other like-minded individuals and organizations will raise awareness of their goals and help achieve them faster. The fight to save the planet is going on now, join the fight.

You can check them out and meet the founder at the upcoming Pinellas Living Green Expo May 3-4, 2008 at the Harborview Center located at 300 Cleveland St. in Clearwater, FL.

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About One Acre at a Time

One Acre at a Time is a non-profit organization on a mission to preserve American Forests. Funded by the sale of Conservation Credits along with donations from environmentally conscious individuals and corporations, One Acre at a Time purchases development rights from private landowners, establishes permanent conservation easements, then implements sustainable forestry methods, thereby protecting the land into perpetuity.

Founder and Executive Director, Gerald R. (Jerry) Hoover, brings the tenacity and precision learned from over 20 years as a Coast Guard rescue swimmer to his love for the forests and the drive to protect it. Having the distinction of the most deployments ever in Coast Guard rescue swimmer history, ending his career after working tirelessly in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and fulfilling a dream of writing a book about his experiences called Brotherhood of the Fin, Jerry Hoover is ready for his next mission – Saving Forests… One Acre at a Time.

About 9Seconds

9Seconds is an integrated marketing firm located just outside the city of Tampa. 9Seconds specializes in working with clients to form a single message spread across a variety of mediums. Specialties include Search Engine Optimization and online Public Relations. Clients have included International Pizza Hut Franchise Holders Association, Dagwood’s Sandwich Shoppes and Florida Home Buyers.

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