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Press Release Category Health - Environmental Health - LJ Natural Release Date: May 18, 2019

Cheshire Organic Beauty Company LJ Natural Announce Their Commitment to be Carbon Neutral

By LJ Natural
May 18, 2019
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LJ Natural offer organic beauty products. They have raised the bar with their new claim to be an official carbon neutral Company.

PR9.NET May 18, 2019 - LJ Natural are based in Wilmslow, Cheshire and offer a comprehensive range of organic beauty products. Each and every product formulated is carefully considered, handmade and only the purest and organic materials used. Their commitment to be environmentally friendly and environmentally aware has been furthered by their recent announcement of being an officially carbon neutral Company.

This offers a further insight into how this incredible Company are looking to set new standards for the beauty industry. Alongside their commitment to being carbon neutral is their promise that all products are palm oil free and many more ongoing strategies to be a smarter environmental company.

Carbon emissions are generated by all business?s energy consumption, such as the heating and lighting generated by fossil fuels, as well as petrol/diesel used for travel, water usage and waste disposal. To be carbon neutral, according to the UK government?s Department of Energy and Climate Change, involves a process of measuring your carbon emissions, then reducing them and offsetting any remaining emissions so that your ?net calculated carbon emissions equal zero?.

LJ Natural recently announced their plan to offset their carbon emissions by putting money into a reforestation scheme in Kenya. They worked out their carbon footprint and have replaced that by planting trees. This allows them the ability to formally announce their carbon neutral status.

Taking this another step further is their commitment that all packaging used is fully recyclable. They are moving towards the use of more glass packaging products. This is an innovative Company that works closely with what their customers want. They are constantly looking for ways in which they can improve their service and meet the exacting standards of their intelligent target market.

Furthermore, they offer a service for clients to return their empty packaging. This service is supplied to all local and more distant clients. This is further evidence of their comprehensive plan to ensure recycling rates for their products are as high as possible. They also offer loyalty points for the empty bottles and jars returned by clients. LJ Natural have a range of other environmental policies to further support their plight.

Lisa Johnson, owner and founder of LJ Natural commented:
?As an individual, I am totally committed to fighting for climate change. I passionately strive, at home, and in this business, to do everything possible to minimise climate damage and environmental damage. There is no PLANet B.?

It is truly inspiring and spectacular to identify a company that cares so much about the environment. In an industry fraught with controversy, LJ Natural are setting new standards and therefore taking strides ahead of their competition. Their ethos aims to inspire others, while offering incredible natural beauty products. Their business goes from strength to strength and witnessing their further commitments to be the best at what they do has propelled them within their field. They offer a pledge to find new and innovative ways to expand their current policies. This offers an exciting and ongoing insight into a truly diverse and incredible Company.

Further information is available at

To contact Lisa, email

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Contact Information of LJ Natural Contact Information of LJ Natural
Phone 01625 221060
E-Mail E-mail Address Protected
Address 34 Altrincham Road,

About LJ Natural

LJ Natural was established in 2009. We only use the highest quality organic ingredients (certified organic, wherever possible) and finest, freshest essential oils to create our products. Our product ingredients are free from sulphates, parabens, petro-chemicals, artificial colour, fragrance and all synthetic ingredients. LJ Natural are completely opposed to animal testing and ensure all the ingredients are cruelty-free.

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