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Press Release Category Health - Environmental Health - Release Date: September 17, 2015 : a new community website with iPhone app to register and map litter locations, engaging communities and authorities to take action for a cleaner living environment

September 17, 2015
Send SEND Print PRINT Download PDF Version PDF Contact CONTACT : a new community website with iPhone app to register and map litter locations, engaging communities and authorities to take action for a cleaner living environment ! Litter and trash pollution has been a chronic problem for decades : it is at the basis of severe environmental problems that may also affect human health in the long run. invites people to share pictures of locations that are polluted with litter, to increase public awareness, transparency and engage for action.

PR9.NET September 17, 2015 - Litter and trash are polluting the living environment in many neighbourhoods, both urban locations and natural environments are affected. Many people don?t pay attention, but others care deeply because littering is at the basis of many serious environmental issues (such as large-scale plastic parts pollution in the oceans, entering the food chain). In the long run, these phenomena may also affect human health. In many areas worldwide, volunteers have engaged to clean up litter on a regular basis : these are great initiatives, but they are only an acute remedy. is an ambitious online initiative to trigger a deeper and more long term engagement and awareness : a community website with complementary iPhone app allows to register and map problematic litter locations, thus making the problem transparant and catalysing fundamental action.

People install the free iPhone app, take a picture of a location with litter and submit it to the online community website. Submissions are displayed on an interactive map, dependent on the exact location where the picture was taken. Structured overviews per country and locality can be displayed. They can be shared with local authorities and friends to increase awareness and engage action. A user can further manage the status of his/her submissions on a personal panel. Local volunteers or authorities can request permission to manage the submissions for their locality. A long-term record is kept of the submissions and will allow to map and visualize chronically littered locations.

At this moment, the platform has just launched and we are eager to ramp up the user and community base across different countries (existing submissions can be seen for country ?Belgium? on the website). We are welcoming environmentally aware iPhone users who want to take action for a litter free world !

Link to the iPhone app :
Link to the community website :

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Phone +32486637539
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Non-profit organisation working for the prevention of litter pollution, the spreading of information about the environmental problem of littering, the leveraging of online media to spread information about chronically littered locations.

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