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Health - Environmental Health Press Release Page 1 Health - Environmental Health

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Cheshire Organic Beauty Company LJ Natural Announce Their Commitment to be Carbon Neutral

LJ Natural offer organic beauty products. They have raised the bar with their new claim to be an official carbon neutral Company. - LJ Natural, May 18, 2019 : a new community website with iPhone app to register and map litter locations, engaging communities and authorities to take action for a cleaner living environment : a new community website with iPhone app to register and map litter locations, engaging communities and authorities to take action for a cleaner living environment ! Litter and trash pollution has been a chronic problem for decades : it is at the basis of severe environmental problems that may also affect human health in the long run. invites people to share pictures of locations that are polluted with litter, to increase public awareness, transparency and engage for action. -, September 17, 2015

Greener Pastures Come To Life In Flatbush

Momentum Education's Leadership Team 78 partners with Flatbush Farm and Garden Group to build a garden, create a legacy, and inspire a community - The JRW Group, August 23, 2012

All Ages, Health And Fitness Levels Benefit From Nordic Walkiing Poles

Walking Has Always Been A Great Benefit To Well Being, But Walking With Nordic Walking Poles Makes It That Much More Of A Total Body Workout. It Strengthens Legs And Tones Arms, Shoulders And Chest. Now Is The Time To Get Out And Use Your Poles To Develop The Body And Tone It Up. - Bennnett and Swanson Global, LLC, July 05, 2010

Avoiding Flame-Retardants in Children's Sleepwear: Snug Organics Eliminates Toxic Chemicals in Baby Clothes

As fall approaches and chilly nighttime temperatures are looming, many parents stock up on cozy new pajamas for their children. But if you are a mom like Erin Royer, owner of Snug Organics, you might be concerned about being environmentally conscious and minimizing your child's exposure to toxic chemicals, like flame-retardants. After doing her research, Royer learned the dangers that flame-retardants pose to us all, especially children. "Many parents have been looking for an alternative for their children, so we are proud to be able to offer a warm solution that is organic and free of PBDEs."
- Snug Organics, September 08, 2009

Spa Hotel & Resort Balneario de Archena Top Destination for high quality health tourism in Spain

Spa Hotel & Resort Balneario de Archena which is guarded by the quality seal of EUROESPA offers excellent environment for people that love health tourism in Spain. Hotels offers conducive environment for leisure and relaxation. - BALNEARIO DE ARCHENA S A, July 16, 2009

Greenlite Lighting Corporation: "CHANGE the World"

The Legendary El Capitan Theater in Hollywood, CA has teamed up with Southern California Edison and Greenlite Lighting Corporation to "change the world" by providing energy efficient CFL lightbulbs for home use during their run of Disneynature's, "EARTH" through May 26. Guests receive CFL light bulbs which use 75% less energy than standard bulbs for a nominal 25 cent donation. All proceeds benefit green projects in Los Angeles public schools (grades PreK-8) in the Hollywood area. Additionally, displays will offer entertaining and educational insights into Disney's Worldwide Conservation Fund and efforts to study and protect polar bears, whales, African elephants and ecosystems.
- Greenlite Lighting Corporation, May 21, 2009

npower Urges Companies to Be Energy Efficient As the Economy Bites

npower calls on small businesses in the UK to be more energy efficient and save up to 20 per cent on energy bills. - PR-Sending Enterprises, December 08, 2008

Human Announcing Alternative Health Healing Therapies Utilizing Sound - Energy Healing

According to Daniel J. Zieler, at who is a Human BioAcoustician, and Certified Level III Practitioner of Reconnective HealingĀ®, Through your voice, we can now better detect and decode the hidden frequencies that represent secrets of your body, your emotions, your health (past, present, predictive) in a visual way as to what it can mean, and how it may be further effected to improve the quality of your health and your life.
- SEO Expert Consulting, October 17, 2008

Hanford Nuclear Services, Inc. (HNS ) to sell US Patent 6805815, Unique "Dirty Bomb" Cleanup Polymer

This versatile polymer is non-biodegradable, non-combustible, non-toxic, radiation-proof, resists chemical corrosion, and is a viable solution for nuclear waste storage and "dirty bomb" cleanup. - Hanford Nuclear Services, Inc. (HNS ), June 21, 2008

Concrete2Green: Speaking the International Language of Soccer

A Harlem-born grassroots organization aims for change as they focus on freestyle street soccer as a mode to bring about inner city development and social revitalization while at the same time addressing environmental issues. - JSW Media Group, June 12, 2008

Green Log Home Selected as Finalist for Best 'Product and Informational' Website

The Green Log Home website has been voted by the public as 'Best Green Educational Product and Information' site. educates individuals on how to build an affordable green home and how to make the home a safer place in to live in. - Green Log Home Inc., May 07, 2008

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