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Health - Dentistry Press Release Page 2 Health - Dentistry

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Research Shows That Not Replacing a Missing Tooth Increases Risk of Losing More Teeth

When faced with the loss of a tooth many people choose not to replace it. Research shows that not replacing a missing tooth increases the risk of losing adjacent teeth. Some methods of tooth replacement increase the risk of tooth loss even further. Data shows that the least expensive choice may be the most expensive in the long run. Consumers can use this data to make the best decisions regarding their own dental heath. -, June 09, 2008

Dentistry For Diabetics Introduces Free Newsletter Reporting On Potentially Life-Threatening Links Between Diabetes & Gum Disease

A newsletter for people who have diabetes focuses on the links between diabetes and gum disease that can lead to catastrophic health events such as heart attack and stroke. The two-way connection between diabetes and periodontitis includes systemic inflammation which can worsen both conditions and contribute to or cause an entire cascade of serious health problems. Significantly, proper dental care can lead to better metabolic management for people who have diabetes. The first issue of the newsletter focuses on a telltale diabetes symptom and how to address it. - Due North Marketing Communications, Inc., May 31, 2008

Dentistry Leaves Dentists Burnt Out

The majority of dentists have felt burnt out and exhausted with dentistry at some point in their dental careers, according to a recent Wealthy Dentist survey. - The Wealthy Dentist, May 04, 2008

Sedation Dentistry Patients Travel Up to 100 Miles for Care

Dental patients typically choose dentists close to where they live, but a significant number of patients will travel long distances for dental treatment, reveals a recent Wealthy Dentist survey. - The Wealthy Dentist, March 23, 2008

DentistryForDiabetics Donates $10,000 To American Diabetes Association For Patient Education

Elite Dentists' Group Dedicated To Helping Diabetics Funds Crucial Program

- DentistryForDiabetics, March 14, 2008

Leading British-Polish medical tourism provider expands its dental services

StatMedica adds a new dental clinic in Wasraw to its portfolio. - StatMedica UK Ltd, March 08, 2008

Dentists - 42% for Gender Discrimination

Dentists are split over the issue of gender profiling in dental school admissions. In a Wealthy Dentist survey, the slight majority opposed gender discrimination. However, many dentists felt that favoring male applicants could increase access to dental care. - The Wealthy Dentist, March 06, 2008

Sedation Dentistry Made Easy: Lets Consumers Sleep Through Dental Visit

Consumer portal website provides local listings of dentists who offer sedation dentistry, as well as a variety of other sleep dentistry resources. - The Wealthy Dentist, February 24, 2008

Expert in non-surgical beauty treatments offers latest techniques in Bridges and Crowns to build broken down, decayed or misshapen teeth

The latest cosmetic teeth restoration techniques applied expertly by Bath Spa Dentistry for patients with build broken down, decayed or misshapen teeth or teeth which have been damaged by accidents - dent1stry, February 22, 2008

Love at the Dental Practice? One in Five Dentists Indulges

Dentists do have affairs with their coworkers, according to a new Wealthy Dentist survey. One dentist in five admitted to having an office romance. It can lead to love and marriage - or heartbreak, lawsuits, and financial ruin. - The Wealthy Dentist, February 09, 2008

Latest techniques in Dental Implants using titanium implants introduced by Bath Spa Dentistry

Non-surgical beauty treatments and the latest cosmetic teeth restoration techniques have been introduced at the Bath Spa Dentistry dental practice. - dent1stry, February 08, 2008

Colgate - Palmolive's Unique Oral Health Month Promotion

Reaching out to younger, urban consumers through a unique video animation. - Travelocity, October 25, 2007

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