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Press Release Category Health - Dentistry - The Wealthy Dentist Release Date: March 06, 2008

Dentists - 42% for Gender Discrimination

By The Wealthy Dentist
March 06, 2008
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Dentists are split over the issue of gender profiling in dental school admissions. In a Wealthy Dentist survey, the slight majority opposed gender discrimination. However, many dentists felt that favoring male applicants could increase access to dental care.

PR9.NET March 06, 2008 - San Francisco, CA - A recent Wealthy Dentist survey asked dentists if they think it is legitimate for dental schools to favor male applicants. The majority (58%) disagreed, saying that gender discrimination is unacceptable. However, a whopping 42% said yes, it's okay to give preference to those who will give back the most.

Studies have found that female dentists work less than their male colleagues (by about 4 hours per week). Women dentists, particularly those with small children, are more likely to work part-time. So, the argument goes, the average male dentist provides more total care to the public over the course of his career than the average female dentist.

Men and women had drastically different opinions on the matter of gender profiling. While 55% of male dentists felt that favoring male applicants was acceptable, only 12% of female dentists agreed.

Many full-time dentists are unimpressed with their part-time colleagues. "The reality is we are entering a time of declining supply of dentists and increasing population. For every slot in a dental school that is occupied, we are going to need a reasonable output of care from that individual!" said a male dentist.

The issue is even more complicated at state schools. "In light of the high taxpayer cost to train dentists and the impending shortage of dentists, if female dentists want to be home with their children and not practice at least 30 hours/week for at least four years, they should have to pay back to the state the amount it cost to train them," opined a hard-working female dentist. "The public should not subsidize a full-time education in a field with a developing shortage for a part time-provider," agreed a male dentist.

How an applicant's gender is any business of the dental school escapes some dentists. "Live with it, people. Discrimination in any form is un-American," said a male orthodontist. "Women who want to be dentists should not be penalized," offered a female pediatric dentist.

Some female dentists were shocked that anyone would even consider such an idea. "This is a ridiculous survey. These are ideas from the year 1800!" said one woman. "Perhaps the dental schools should have the female applicants sign a 'no children' contract. Are we in China?" another asked rhetorically.

On the other hand, some male dentists felt favoring male applicants would be perfectly reasonable. "Be realistic! The need for care has to be satisfied no matter what the uppity feminist ladies happen to believe," wrote one. "My professional lifespan is 8 times that of the average female dentist. It may not be PC, but it is true," offered another. This man was especially blunt: "I'm a dentist. Guys are better at it. Period."

Many see no difference between gender bias and racial discrimination. "It's no different than, for example, a restaurant making a black man wait for a table, while a white businessman gets better service, simply because one group may statistically give higher tips than the other. Do such rules not apply to dental schools?" asked a male dentist.

Female dentists mentioned facing prejudice during their educations and careers. "As a female dentist, I still have to deal with gender bias when it comes to associate job interviews. I am still asked to this day if I am married and do I have kids at an interview!" said one woman.

Research has consistently shown that male alumni donate more than their female counterparts. "What a bunch of crap. It is surely more about the money for the dental schools; as in, how much they will get back in donations," said one male dentist. "As a female dental student in the 1970s, I was harassed and discriminated against regularly," a female dentist said. "Although I give money to my undergraduate college, I have never given to my dental school because of the way I was treated."

"Whew!" sighed Jim Du Molin, dental management consultant and founder of dental marketing resource The Wealthy Dentist. "People rarely talk about this issue, but it's a big one, particularly in dentistry. I hope talking about it openly can help ease this professional Battle of the Sexes!"

Visit for more surveys in the areas of dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, edation dentistry, wisdom teeth, braces, and dentures. Jim Du Molin offers a free weekly newsletter and dental practice management advice.

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