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Press Release Category Health - Dentistry - The Wealthy Dentist Release Date: February 09, 2008

Love at the Dental Practice? One in Five Dentists Indulges

By The Wealthy Dentist
February 09, 2008
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Dentists do have affairs with their coworkers, according to a new Wealthy Dentist survey. One dentist in five admitted to having an office romance. It can lead to love and marriage - or heartbreak, lawsuits, and financial ruin.

PR9.NET February 09, 2008 - San Francisco, California - Twenty percent of dentists admit they have become romantically involved with a coworker (other than their spouse). In responding to this survey conducted by The Wealthy Dentist survey, most dentists advising keeping romance out of the dental practice. However, it's worth noting that sometimes an office affair leads to a successful marriage.

Office Romances Not Good for Business

Though office romances sometimes work out well, few actually advise getting involved in such a relationship. "Don't mix business with pleasure," advised a New York pediatric dentist. A Maine dentists seconded the feeling, saying, "Never get involved with someone who has less to lose."

Some were regretful after the fact. "I won't ever do it again. It cost me my marriage!" exclaimed a Florida orthodontist. "Stupid," agreed a periodontist.

Gender played a distinct role in a dentist's experience with office romance. One in four male dentists acknowledged having a romantic relationship with a coworker, while only one in ten female dentists did.

Those who do become involved with an employee must be careful to avoid charges of sexual harassment, discrimination, or other legal woes. "It's the best way to demoralize the rest of the staff, and a great way to open the door for sexual harassment if it doesn't work out," said a New York dentist.

Finding Love at Work

No matter how uncomfortable it may make other team members, the fact remains that many romances do begin at work - and dental practices are no exception. "I'm neutral. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. Most of the time it's best to keep that kind of stuff out of the office," offered a Florida dentist.

Fair coverage demands acknowledging the healthy, happy relationships sometimes formed by coworkers. "I dated my patient coordinator for a year, and we have now been married three years," shared a Massachusetts dentist. "She was my best employee and I was afraid if it didn't work out I would lose her, but it was the best decision that I have ever made. There is more to life than dentistry!"

Heartbreak in the Office

"At a time in my life when I needed a sympathetic ear, I found my dental assistant to be loving and caring," said a New York dentist. "My marriage was over anyway, and I developed a relationship with her. Two years later we married. I am hoping to get it right the second time around. My feeling is this: If the relationship is consensual, and the two colleagues can separate business from personal issues, try to make a go of it. My personal life, if kept private from the day to day operations of the office, is my own business."

"I'm not exactly shocked that dentists date coworkers," said Jim Du Molin, dental consultant and founder of The Wealthy Dentist. "It's obviously a bad idea - but it's equally obvious that people will sometimes give in to temptation!"

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