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Games - Video Games Press Release Page 2 Games - Video Games

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Philip Bennefall, Swedish Voice Actor, Partners with

Audio entertainer and game developer, Philip Bennefall of Sweden, packs a powerful punch with a combination of development, production, and voiceover services. -, December 18, 2006

Video Game Voice Actors Add Character to represents top tier voice actors in the animation and video game sectors, providing game developers and creative professionals with the best voices for their characters. -, November 14, 2006

Multiplayer Video Game Tower Poised To Alter Social Gaming

Arcades are finally provided a solution for console video game entertainment. This past weekend, FragIsle International, the leading developer of console pay-for-play technology, introduced at the Video Game Expo in Pennsylvania, the Multiplayer Video Game Tower. - FragIsle, October 29, 2006 eStore Launches

Official eStore already features thousands of products - AMS Press, October 05, 2006

GameDaily Launches New Video Game Resource for the Masses

As video game demographic expands, an online publication for "normal people" emerges - GameDaily, May 04, 2006

Mearas boosts mobile experience with Kalador Entertainment

Mearas Technologies has selected Kalador Entertainment is distribute their mobile phone games globally. Using Kalador's developer portal and tools and leveraging Kalador's sales channels, Mearas is able to maximum their sales reach while concentrating on developing great games. - Kalador Entertainment Inc., April 25, 2006

GameDaily Puts the "Free" in Video Game, Movie Downloads

The Internet's most-trusted source of free video game content leads the industry with a no-hassle and no-cost premium download service - GameDaily, February 23, 2006

Video Game Voices Negotiable, Non-Union Voice Actors More Popular Than Ever

Non-union voice actors have enjoyed a surge in work opportunities from the gaming industry as a result of continuing talks between the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and the video game production companies. The independent game producers, an innovative community that has already discovered and experienced the benefits of working with non-union voice actors, will soon be joined by their competitors as more large gaming companies become disenchanted with continuing demands from the union. -, July 05, 2005

Video Game Companies Contract Non-Union Voice Actors At Interactive Voices

In the wake of a potential union strike, video game companies are increasingly hiring non-union voice actors to record character roles for their video game voice-over needs. Non-union voice actors are favored for many reasons by companies seeking voice-overs, particularly because they do not require residual payments and charge their fee upfront in accordance with recent trends in the voice-over industry. -, June 06, 2005

Voice Overs For Video Games Are Now Available at Interactive Voices

Search for voice over talent in the Interactive Voices Video Game Voices featured talent category. Find voice over talent who specialize in voicing animated characters in video games, including voices from video games created for companies such as Microsoft XBox, Sony PlayStation, and Nintendo GameCube. Professional voice over talent will supply buyers with competitive bids for specific video game projects, MP3 demos, and proposals through the auditioning process, providing clients with quality and cost-effective solutions to their voice over needs. -, November 24, 2004

Black Salt Films in Talks With Video Game Manufacturers

Ratti Entertainment Group along with Aries & Co are in talks with video game manufacturers for the "Black Salt" video game series. - New Age Media Concepts, November 09, 2004


San Francisco, May 7, 2004. GameDAILY., the leading integrated video games media company, announced today it is offering a free newsfeed about the upcoming E3 video game trade show in Los Angeles. - GameDaily, May 07, 2004

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