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Press Release Category Games - Developers & Publishers - Toivon Co., Ltd. Release Date: August 21, 2013

Kingdom of Pirates: A Heart-Racing Multiplayer PVP Adventure

By Toivon Co., Ltd.
August 21, 2013
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Toivon Software Studio today introduces Kingdom of Pirates 1.0, their newly-released MMORPG for iOS devices. Kingdom of Pirates allows a few types of intriguing PVP interaction-the Pirate Tourney, Team Mode and the Pillaging system increase adrenaline. Plundering island after island, buying items at the black market, attacking merchant ships with cargo, fighting sea monsters that pop out of nowhere - it is all so much fun! Kingdom of Pirates can be downloaded for free in the iTunes App Store.

PR9.NET August 21, 2013 - Kingdom of Pirates, a multiplayer strategy game, has hit the iTunes App Store and is now available for download! This Toivon Studio game features hundreds of quests, PVP warfare, and tons of player-to-player interaction!

The game kicks off with a small group of amateur pirates landing on a dangerous island. The
player, as captain of the pirate ship, must make all decisions for his or her crew. They must clear
the island of foes, establishing it as their own base. The player must replenish his or her
resources by building a farm, a mine, a forge, a tavern, a warehouse, a training center, and a
technology center. Once all buildings are up and running, the pirates can begin their quest for
priceless treasures.

During the quest for treasure, pirates must fight their way through dangerous islands and treacherous waters. They can use the materials and resources they gain to forge powerful equipment. Gold earned from quests can be used to train their officers on the training grounds. The player can free cursed pirates he or she encounters on the journey by gambling for the pirate at the tavern. Freed pirates will join the player's crew.

Players will be engrossed by the enriching storyline and detailed graphics! The game also offers an in-game chat where players can recruit each other for their guilds. Players can work with fellow guild members to make their guild powerful, in turn granting themselves better weekly stipends. Guild members can even send each other guild-only gifts!

Players from different guilds can attack each other in Open Waters in order to pillage materials, gain prestige, and take themselves to more treacherous territory. The further players travel into treacherous waters, the more game features they can unlock. The most treacherous territory in Open Waters is available only to the most powerful players in the game.

Players can also duel each other in the Pirate Tourney in order to fight their way to the top. Top players are listed on the leaderboards and can get fabulous daily rewards to help them complete the hardest quests in the game!

Nothing can stand in the way of Sir Francis Drake's treasures!

Toivon Studio was created in February of 2012. This independent developer has 2 other games available on the iTunes App Store: Dream Shop and Dream Undercity.

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Contact Information of Toivon Co., Ltd. Contact Information of Toivon Co., Ltd.
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About Toivon Co., Ltd.

Toivon Software Studio was founded in February of 2012. It specializes in the mobile gaming industry. This independent studio has launched Dream Shop, Dream Undercity, and Kingdom of Pirates. Toivon's team of young professionals seeks to create top-quality games for all of its players. Toivon's name is Finnish for "I hope."

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