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Press Release Category Games - Online Games - Wunbit Release Date: November 01, 2019

Wunbit Blockchain-Based Crypto Gaming Arcade Announces Its Private Sale Launch Date

By Wunbit
November 01, 2019
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Wunbit's private sale is in Stage I and customers are enjoined to take their own share early and buy WUN tokens with a 50% discount.

PR9.NET November 01, 2019 - Tallinn, Harju, Estonia, October 29, 2019

Wunbit OÜ Estonia-based blockchain gaming platform will on November 1, 2019, open the door of opportunity for all video gaming, iGaming, and cryptocurrency enthusiasts to join in its vision through a private sale. Through a limited period of the Private Sale, customers will be able to buy WUN tokens with a generous 50% discount.

Nowadays, games form a good chunk of the entertainment activities of people around the world. Techcrunch reported that Netflix admitted that games are a bigger threat to its business than HBO. “Netflix’s statement comes at a time when the internet, mobile, and gaming have been shifting consumer’s focus and attention away from watching TV” Techcrunch concluded.
One can become easily glued to his/her seat for hours playing immersive games like the recently released Call of Duty Modern Warfare, for example. Playing games (especially minigames) have also been discovered to be a great way to relieve stress.

But for all the hours spent at playing games, and after being entertained by them, there is nothing else most gamers gain from playing. It is unfortunate that instead of financially profiting from games, most gamers only pay more and more, to gaming companies and advertisers alike.(payments in personal data). Yet most players really wish there was a way to convert in-game rewards to fiat.

58% of games on Google Play use Ads as a monetization model as of December 2016. (Appfigures, 2016)
54% of mobile gamers around the world stated that they'd rather watch video ads if this leads to in-game rewards. (Gamasutra, 2016)

Wunbit's vision is to create a platform that will be instrumental in changing this situation positively for gamers. It envisions that games should be able to pay at least the internet bills of players. The company has started with the creation of a blockchain-based gaming and iGaming platform that runs on a provably fair algorithm to incentivize gamers when they play different mini-games available on the portal. Wunbit gives the opportunity for game developers to develop next-gen games (blockchain-based games), gain visibility and get rewarded for their works when gamers play and enjoy their games.

The platform uses its gaming fuel -WUN tokens- to reward players for playing its games. Players can also gain profits by exchanging game credits, loot boxes, prizes, and other in-game rewards in the marketplace. WUN tokens will be tradeable on different cryptocurrency exchanges after the platform’s full launch.

The provably fair algorithm that the platform utilizes will allow iGamers to actually see the games’ codes through the smart contact available on the blockchain. This makes Wunbit's games fair and transparent. Also, gamers will own all tokens won within Wunbit’s games, as the platform does not hold their tokens or private keys. Players’ winnings and prizes are automatically deposited in their wallets.

Wunbit's private sale is in Stage I and customers are enjoined to take their own share early and buy WUN tokens with a 50% discount.

Visit for more information.

Media Contact:

Wunbit OÜ
Attn: Ernesto Oporto
+593 99 684 3401

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About Wunbit

Wunbit Arcade uses smart contracts that run on the Ethereum blockchain. This opens a new way of playing and entertainment. Creating a new generation of video games where players can truly own in-game items, spend, and earn cryptocurrency by playing.

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