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First serious Erotic job board Eroticajobs

Eroticajobs is the first serious job site for men and women looking for a (part time) job in the erotic business. - Eroticajobs, August 29, 2012

New Web-site Concerning Salt Pool Chlorine Will Provide Visitors Exceptional Plus Points

Unique web site gives website visitors opportunity to to explore salt pool chlorine guides and salt pool chlorine product reviews. It really is different in that it is distinctive in that they have guides answering your most asked questions and reviews giving you an eye opening information. - Victorious LT Creations, October 18, 2010

Sure Bets Portal has Received GPWA Seal of Approval

We are delighted to announce that has received the GPWA's Seal of Approval. That means, that our Free Odds Comparison, Sure Bets Calculation, Bookmakers Review and Sportsbooks Rating website is managed independently of the sites it provides information about. That it respects and upholds copyright standards and that it acts professionally and respectfully in its business activities. -, March 31, 2009

Edward Palonek Provides the Car Companies with Information on Their Unclaimed Money

Edward Palonek informs the Auto Industry on where they can come up with some much needed money that they have not claimed. This money is in the form of old bank accounts, uncashed cheques, refunds unclaimed money and other property, that millions of Americans are benefiting from and could now also, benefit the Car Manufactures with some Found Money.
-, January 13, 2009 Celebrates 250th EuroMillions Lottery Draw is celebrating the 250th EuroMillions draw, which proved to be so successful, it may be used as a template for a World Lottery in the future. - PR-Sending Enterprises, November 27, 2008

The tritton Axpc and Ax360 dolby 5.1 surround digital gaming headsets receive rave reviews in the UK

The UK gaming industry is impressed by Tritton's range of Dolby 5.1 surround digital gaming headsets. - Global Sourcing UK Ltd, April 28, 2008

Real Networks Launches Online Diamond Hunt

Real Networks has launched an online Diamond Hunt in which competitors can win diamonds worth €15,000 to promote it's new mobile phone game. As players complete levels within the game, they gain opportunities to enter the online competition and walk away with thousands of dollars worth of gemstones. - Indoctrimat Ltd, November 15, 2007

Combat Micro Helicopters launched into the UK market

Following last year's phenomenal success of the Micro Helicopter, the Rotor Blaze combat system takes micro helicopters to a whole new level. Each micro helicopter now comes with an infrared gun and receiver so your opponents can quite literally shoot you out of the sky. A direct hit cuts out the engine of your opponent for 1 second seeing them crash to the ground. Supporting three simulations flying helicopters, the RotorBlaze micro helicopters are supplied in a twin and single pack. - Coolest stuff, October 11, 2007

Adidas announce their drivers for 2007's Gumball 3000

Star of Pimp my Ride, Xzibit and Jamiriquai's Jay Kay join the adidas team for the Gumball 3000 - Elemental Communications, April 28, 2007

Roger Federer's Tennis Open - mobile phone game launched by NINJ

Roger Federer, the number one world tennis player, and NINJ Ltd of Switzerland, have joined forces to develop nothing short of the best sport's game for cellular phones: Roger Federer's Tennis Open.
- NINJ Ltd., October 23, 2006

Je Beau International brings a unique beauty & luxury to hair care

Je Beau International, a division of Salon Beauchesne of Manchester, New Hampshire, this month announces the launch of a new & innovative line of hair care products – the Classic Collection. Julie Beauchesne, founder and president of Je Beau International, has devoted several years to the development of these products, that include shampoos, conditioners, styling aids, and finishes. Beauchesne, an experienced designer with over thirteen years in hair styling and salon management, saw the need in her own salon for a hair care product that allows the user to create styles of unsurpassed beauty and elegance. - i4market, February 21, 2006

The Household Faucet Is Shining In A Whole New Light

The prospect of purchasing a new faucet for home or office is at best tedious, at worst nightmarish. Finding valid, reputable information is enough to cause a headache. However, a recent addition has made this process less nightmarish. Offering a free, informational guide to the purchase and installation of household faucets has taken the Internet by storm. - Invulgo Tech Inc., February 20, 2006

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