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Press Release Category Entertainment - Radio - Release Date: March 12, 2010

Harrisburg, Pa - Nationally renowned psychic Craig Eugene is hosting a live radio show which gives listeners the chance to call in and receive a free mini reading.

March 12, 2010
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Craig Eugene works closely with the staff of to promote his show as well as the radio station. Craig Eugene has been psychic since birth and has worked to sharpen his tools of the trade working closely with some of the top psychics in the world.

PR9.NET March 12, 2010 - Nationally known psychic Craig Eugene is hosting an hour long live radio show every Monday at 8pm eastern on The first come, first serve format of the show gives listeners a chance to call in and receive a free reading by Craig or his Guest.

Craig Eugene, who is well known for his clairvoyant abilities as well as his Usui Reiki healing sessions on his website——feels the live talk show is a more effective approach to reaching out to people throughout the world and helping them with his unique and extraordinary gifts.

"I have dedicated a good share of my life to developing different abilities which make me a vehicle for the Spiritual Realm," says Craig. "My goal is that through my gift I can help others gain insight into their spiritual lives and assist them in answering the questions of their life."

Craig Eugene's readings come in many different forms. Each reading is geared towards guiding the client on the correct path of their life. Craig uses the spiritual energy which is channeled through him to connect people with their spirit guides, experience spiritual awakenings, increase their sense of awareness and truth, and much more.

The following services are offered by Craig Eugene in person, or by phone:

- Psychic Readings Online
- Tarot Card Readings
- Past Life
- Usiu Reiki
- Timelines
- Healings
- Clairvoyant
- Teaching Reiki
- Mentoring

For over six years Craig Eugene has been providing the above mentioned services to clients around the world. Due to his high rate of accuracy during readings, Craig's clients continue coming back for more.

"What separates my readings and makes them superior to traditional counseling is that I can actually see the events that are presently taking place in a person's life as well as events that will take place," says Craig.

To learn more about Craig Eugene, please visit or by email

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Craig has been intuitive all of his life.
He sees, and feels.
Those abilities help Craig to grasp the situation
and to know where it may lead.
Craig studied under one of the top Psychics on the East Coast.
He also does Energy Work, and is a Usui Reiki Master.

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