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Press Release Category Entertainment - Radio - Kmartin Release Date: May 01, 2009

Radio Airplay Direct Member Max Tosi Presents The "Let Me Ride" CD Featuring The Hit Song "Give Me The Way"

By Kmartin
May 01, 2009
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Max Tosi, gifted singer/songwriter, has released his latest album titled "Let Me Ride," comprised of dreamy folk/pop music. Tosi's lyrics are cleverly written and are straight from the heart. His vocals are polished and have a soft and soothing effect for the listener. This album also has a well-balanced mix of instruments capturing the relaxing and laid-back atmosphere. Featuring an easy going beat, "I've Been Waiting For a Long Time" also features complementing horn fills. "Someone Has Come" is a charming piece sung by a female vocalist accompanied by a graceful piano. If you're a fan of James Taylor, Max Tosi's "Let Me Ride" is sure to be in your music collection as it is well worth hearing.

-Diane and The Reviewer Team Check out Max Tosi's music on with link to purchase and links to popular sites-

PR9.NET May 01, 2009 - Max Tosi's new CD "Let Me Ride" is available through the following Digital Distribution Services: Apple iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody, Ruckus, Payplay, Amazon, emusic, CDBaby, and many more. "Let Me Ride" will also have In-Store Distribution available to over 2400 CD stores and on-line retailers worldwide. Max has twenty years of musical experience in all kinds of genres, and now for his USA Introduction!

Max Tosi, leader of the "One Man Dog" hit the refined and simple melodies that he sings while accompanying on guitar in a band together essential. Tosi presents his latest album "Let me ride", a collection 10 songs that recall the intimate music of James Taylor: songs about everyday emotions like that in the vast audience of young and old, who appreciate the song melody played by acoustic instruments.

Let Me Ride
Author: Karen Swanson

With a sweet voice that sounds like James Taylor with an Italian twist, Max sings from the heart on this CD. "Someone Has Come" is a beautiful welcoming of a new baby to the home of a couple. It's my favorite!

Max Tosi was born in 1963 where he lived in Milan for many years growing up learning to play and sing music at an early age... Since then, he now lives in Sardinia for the past 11 years. Max plays the acoustic and electric guitar while writing songs for everybody he loves with the simplicity and a smooth sounding quality of pure melody straight from the heart. His personal and original tunes are of a high pop quality and Max's music has a way of making you just relax by softly being able to hear the sounds in every day's waking moment. He loves all of the American artists' sounds and admires the great musicians such as: James Taylor, Carole King, Cat Stevens, Beatles, C, S, N & Young, and many more.

Max Tosi "Let Me Ride"
SINGER/SONGWRITER - Personal and original smooth tunes of a high pop quality. Just relax and softly . hear the sound in every day's moment. Recommended if you like James Taylor. (CDBaby)

Max Tosi songs are available for Radio Stations At Airplay Direct!

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