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Press Release Category Entertainment - Radio - Release Date: March 02, 2007

Are you packing a wacker? Tell all to win an autographed photo of Howard Stern.

March 02, 2007
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Win an autographed photo of the King of All Media for the most outrageous contribution to by a Raving Stern Fan. Here is the opportunity to get your voice heard by Stern fans everywhere.

PR9.NET March 02, 2007 - Toronto, ON - Have you always wanted to be on the Howard Stern Show but haven't been given the chance. Here is an opportunity to get your message heard by his fans. Make a post today and tell everyone at what's on your mind. An autographed photo of the King of All Media will be given to the person with the most popular contribution.

The latest entry in the Howard Stern Fan Site Wars debuts with a contest for a hand-signed promotional photo of the King of All Media himself. is a totally uncensored, member moderated, Howard Stern Fan discussion website. The site's content is member submitted and moderated, so there is no possibility any one person will influence what gets published to the site. Please note there is no affiliation or connection between and its operators, and SIRIUS SATELLITE RADIO, or the HOWARD STERN SHOW.

We are responding in part to a growing sense of dissatisfaction with the popular and long-standing "SternFanNetwork", by a growing segment of their membership. Particularly grievous is the heavy hand of censorship employed by the site administrator, who goes by the name of "Mutt".

Every dedicated Stern Fan knows the first step to 'performing' for Howard is the phone call. It's (mostly) what you say that will get you into the studio. uses the same approach, with the difference that all contributions are judged by the fans themselves. Members put together a coherent thought or two and post them to the site. If enough other members like the post, it is published to the site. We all know Howard just wants to provide the best for all his fans. We think the fans can let it be known exactly what they like at The next Wack-Packer could be found right here!

As an incentive to attract new membership and especially new content will be giving away an autographed photo of Howard Stern. The recently taken promotional photo is hand signed in silver ink. The contest begins when the first post is published to the site based on membership vote after March 1st. The contest ends on June 15th 2007. The prize winner is the owner of the member account having posted the story with the most recorded votes on the contest closing date. Every member of the website will receive an opportunity to cast a single vote for each post made to the site during the contest period.

While the site is not a general message board, everyone will have an equal opportunity to be heard. Every member of the site will have the opportunity to vote on each posting, and if the general consensus is positive, that post will be displayed on the website. How's that for member moderated! The more coherent, and of course hilarious, the post, the higher it will likely rank. Only the top ranked posts will ever make it to the front page. is free to join, and so is the contest. The winner of this fabulous prize will know they earned it for being the most popular Raving Stern Fan ever.

Media Contact:
Joe P.
(705) 201-1091

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Phone 705-201-1091
E-Mail E-mail Address Protected


Win an autographed photo of the King of All Media for the most outrageous contribution to by a Raving Stern Fan. Here is the opportunity to get your voice heard by Stern fans everywhere.

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