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Entertainment - Music Press Release Page 14 Entertainment - Music

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"Vampire Love," A New Halloween Single, This Way Comes

Eartastic Records recording artist Kenny Love releases a new single
("Vampire Love") in the veins of "Monster Mash" and "Thriller"
- Eartastic Records, August 02, 2006

Broadjam Musicians Promote Together, a networking site for musicians and fans, along with its tens of thousands of members, is rallying to bring a throng of fans to its website in an attempt to increase music download sales. Broadjam members are uniting to promote and build the independent music community as a whole. - Broadjam Inc., July 24, 2006

"On The Grind" New DVD Starring Mad Linx

Starring Mad Linx Gives Fans a Glance Behind The Scenes at Some Of Rap's Most Infamous Beefs, a Look At The Life Of An International DJ, & a
Spinning Lesson For Up-And-Coming DJ's
- S&S Associates, July 20, 2006

Rollergirls, Burlesque Show and Wrestlers to be featured at Punk Rock Craft Fair

Punk Rock Craft Fair combines raw musical performances, underground arts and crafts, and side-show like attractions - Asta Arts Rubber Stamps, July 13, 2006

Popular and Rare Ring Tones Available on New Site For Free

A site with a comprehensive offering of the latest and most requested ring tones for free has been launched this week by ClaimRingtones, which can be found at A listing of over 150 artists sorted under six major categories is available on the site. The categories are R&B/Hip-Hop, Rock, Pop, Adult Contemporary, Oldies, and Country. - ClaimRingtones, June 22, 2006

Complimentary Ring Tones Offered on New Site

A site with a wide-ranging offering of the most recent and requested ring tones has been launched this week by AnyFreeRingTone, where users can find various ring tones under a number of genres. - ClaimRingtones, June 22, 2006

Andrea Gerak CD Relaunch: Madarka, madarka (Little Birdie)

Andrea Gerak's first album with haunting folk songs from various regions of the historical Hungary has been sold out and now is here again, in a new, pretty design. - Havingess Productions, June 17, 2006

Tour Celebrates Happy Birthday MOZART in Salzburg, Austria

Affordable small group tour honors one of the world's greatest composer and musician by visiting his birthplace for his 250th birthday. -, May 10, 2006

2006 OECS Junior Pan Competition A Success

The first OECS Junior Pan Competition gets two thumbs up. You should make plans to attend next year's event immediately. You will not be disappointed. - When Steel Talks, May 06, 2006

Motley Crue fans' bible now available in three-volume book series

The real truth behind the highest highs and lowest lows in the Crue's perilous kingdom of sex, drugs, and rock n' roll documented. - Chronological Crue, April 24, 2006

Two new Motley Crue books released for rock lovers

Adventures on the road with the notorious rock kings chronicled. Fans tell how the band got them through divorce, death, addiction, love, abuse, and incarceration. - Chronological Crue, April 12, 2006 Adds Two New Artists To Its Online Roster

"Dying Every Day" and "DMZ//38" join, offering their music in the popular Weed music format - NewHatRecords, March 15, 2006

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