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Press Release Category Entertainment - Music - Media Monster Communications, Inc. Release Date: February 21, 2008

George Bush Sings! The Truth Serum CD Marks This New Election Year

By Media Monster Communications, Inc.
February 21, 2008
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It's important to keep Freedom of Speech alive. And when you're in the arts, it's an artist's responsibility to exercise those rights via the arts. Jon Hartmann has just completed "George Bush Sings" a music truth time capsule of all the errors of the Bush Adminstration in American History.

PR9.NET February 21, 2008 - LOS ANGELES, CA - First quarter of 2008 has kicked off the presidential candidate campaigns in full-swing… Who will it be? Clinton, McCain, Obama??? While voters will turn out in droves this year to elect a new leader and change, Writer-Producer-Musician-Environmental Activist, Jon Hartmann, launches the New Year with his newly completed CD, GEORGE BUSH SINGS! This 14-track political funk-n-roll series of truth serum tunes is devoted to the proposition that all people are created equal and large corporations tend to abuse the political system. Two disastrous Bush administrations plus one year of well orchestrated music production equal this collection of George W. Bush speeches, edited to speak the truth highlighted by the back beat rhythm of brilliantly arranged instrumental bed fusion of groovy jazz, reggae, funk, world/pop and eclectic rock all in one. GEORGE BUSH SINGS! is available at

"When Nancy Pelosi said that impeachment was off the table, I knew that I lived under a political system that had gone past its prime…the expiration date revealed that the product was rotten. Conservatives tried to impeach another president for lying about his sexual activities, but would refuse to impeach a president for lying about starting a war that has so far killed about half a million people, and set into motion a series of events that may spiral out of control beyond our worst nightmares. Clearly, the folks in the GOP are not qualified to lead a government, and their philosophy of limited government is a lie; they don't want to spend money on alternate fuels or railways, but putting a trillion dollars into an oil war seems like a good idea to them. They want to make abortion criminal because of the sanctity of life, but sending young men and women to their death for Exxon is perfectly o.k." states Hartmann. "This material seems to be poetry set to grooves...the lines and lyrics have that ethereal e. e. Cummings stream of conscienceness...I'm trying to put together a puzzle of words and sounds that get to a basic truth somehow, we who love to look the other way at the wrong time, have found ourselves burdened by a political system that is governed by Big Oil. " Hartmann explains.

Hartmann is currently getting great response and support for his tunes on his Myspace page, with a continuously growing network other like- minded environmental, political, music and media minds gather to support our amendments – freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

Hartmann's last album, "Pacific Electric," pays tribute to Los Angeles' long-lost Pacific Electric Railway and Hartmann's thoughts of energy, policy and interest of expanding rail service between and inside cities to promote healthier air and trying to understand the removal of the Pacific Electric Railway. His previous albums, "3 if By Air" and "The 10th House" both featured CD cover graphics which reflect Hartmann's passionate visual statement about the fragile nature of the orb we populate. He feels fossil fuels have no place in our future. "If we continue to burn them at the current rate, two things will happen as sure as night follows day.....our economy will be disrupted beyond repair, and our planet, likewise, may be damaged sufficiently to induce global catastrophe," states Hartmann.

Hartmann is a songwriter, musician, producer, music publisher and record label executive whose career has encompassed touring the world. From his first overseas gig in Southeast Asia to entertain soldiers for the USO, to performing with Ike & Tina Turner in Germany with the Rolling Stones as audience spectators. Jon was signed as a writer in 1975 for Peacock Music, where he and Jimmy Whitney co-wrote "Goodness Knows," recorded that year by Michael Jackson. His successful career also includes performing with Dee Dee Bridgewater, the Staple Singers, Sal Marquez, Phil Chen, Cathy Segal-Garcia, Jaye P. Morgan, Morey Amsterdam, Barry Zweig, Arthur Lyman, Bobby Womack, Eartha Kitt and many others. He's currently producing his own works and others on his own independent label, Jon Hartmann Records.

To listen to tracks and get the CD - go to For interviews, review copies and additional information, call Publicist, Stacey Kumagai at 818/506-8675 or email

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