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Entertainment - Movies Press Release Page 2 Entertainment - Movies

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Catching Up With Big Spence

The name "Big Spence," as he's known in the entertainment industry was given to him by world-renowned actor and two time Oscar Nominee, Will Smith. The two actors worked together in the blockbuster film, "The Pursuit of Happiness." - eMediaCampaigns!, June 04, 2011

"Picture Me Blue No More" Seeking Local Crew In Savannah For Feature Film

Onyx Pearl is pleased to announce the filming of the theatrical trailer for the feature film "Picture Me Blue No More" in Savannah - Onyx Pearl, Inc., April 07, 2011

Spiritually Provocative Film "Dreams Awake" Released

The independent film, "Dreams Awake", a mystical family drama set at Mt. Shasta, will be released on DVD today. The film is about a disconnected family that gets stranded near mystical Mt. Shasta and gets more than they could have ever bargained for. It was shot on and around the scenic and panoramic Mt. Shasta, located in northern California and a place steeped in mysterious legend. - Way To Go Media, January 11, 2011

Film Adaptation Of The Novel "And Yet, You Still Chose Me" To Be Filmed In Savannah

Critically acclaimed novel, "And Yet, You Still Chose Me," will be made into a movie, with full release to theaters in 2012. Directed by independent film-maker Perla Faye Humphrey, this raw and riveting account of a young girl's difficult journey through life will surely be as compelling and irresistible as the novel itself, inspired by co-author Kimberly Ray's life story. - Onyx Pearl, Inc., September 21, 2010

Spain's Online DVD Rental Service

FilmAmora is a unique website in Spain offering over 35,000 titles for rent (or for sale), from the classics to the latest Blu-Ray releases. Prices start at €10,99 for unlimited movies a month. There are no delivery fees and no late fees. It's completely legal. You receive the actual DVD of the movie – not a copy - meaning you not only get the movie in the highest of quality, but also all the commentaries and extras. No other service in Spain exists that provides so much choice and for such a low price.

FilmAmora is the only mail-order DVD rental service covering the whole of continental Spain.

FilmAmora is the world's first Spanish-language online community for film buffs. You can become known as an online reviewer with FilmAmora's customer-written reviews. Or collect your favorite films into lists - like your favorite Science Fiction films - and share those lists online. You can mark other users lists as favorites, and ask other users to be friends. - FilmAmora, April 16, 2010

DX3 Pictures to Begin Development of the Rome Based Feature Film, Henry Hawkins

Unprecedented in its revealing look at the inner workings of the papal election process, the new motion picture Henry Hawkins will bring the splendor, pageantry and scope of the Vatican to the screen. - DX3 Pictures, July 16, 2009

Movies Capital Offers Unlimited Downloads with 2 years Membership...very affordable now!

Movies Capital is Movie Lover website, with all Pros listed bellow we clearly understand why it is well established as The Most popular website on the net. - Movies Capital, June 09, 2009

Film Director Shawn Baker Along With Polychrome Pictures Launches a Highly Anticipated Crime Drama

Lock City Filmworks and the Polychrome Pictures join forces to release a new crime-drama based on actual events of the Brooklyn street gang Deceptikons. - lock city filmworks, May 06, 2009

Indie Film "NECROSIS" Trailer now available - With James Kyson Lee, George Stults, and Tiffany

The Trailer for Necrosis starring James Kyson Lee (NBC Heroes), George Stults (7th Heaven) Tiffany (80's Pop Icon), Penny Drake (Zombie Strippers), Danielle De Luca (Naked Fear), and Robert Michael Ryan (CBS - How I Met Your Mother) with special appearances by Michael Berryman (The Hills Have Eyes) and Mickey Jones (Penny Dreadful) is now available. - Unknown Productions Inc., February 01, 2009

Audition now and become a Hollywood Star

Emirates are offering the chance to appear in a Hollywood film. - PR-Sending Enterprises, October 23, 2008

Story Of 20th Century Icon Billy Graham Comes To The Big Screen In Billy: The Early Years, Releasing Nationwide October 10, 2008

Coinciding with the 90th birthday of Billy Graham, new film captures the heart of the beloved man, the coming-of-age story of 20th century icon Billy Graham will be seen on the big screen this fall through the release of the film Billy: The Early Years. This highly anticipated film will be released theatrically on October 10, 2008 across the country. - Buzzplant, August 13, 2008

Winner Of 2008 Telly Award For Excellence "A Passion For Sustainability" To Debut On Netflix August 12th

New environmentally friendly film "A Passion for Sustainability" to premiere on Netflix. - passion River Films, July 17, 2008

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