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Press Release Category Entertainment - Movies - Minbar media Release Date: May 29, 2008

Film Maker trains Muslims around world in area of Media

By Minbar media
May 29, 2008
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Belal Khan, CEO of Leechon Films, will be conducting a one-time only webinar on the ins and outs of media, starting with film-making on May 31,2008. Message Mastery aims to give a voice back to Muslims in the mainstream media.

PR9.NET May 29, 2008 - PARAMUS, NJ – Any Muslim with an interest in media work will have the rare opportunity to learn the ins and outs of mass communication starting May 31, 2008.

Belal Khan, founder of Leechon Films, will be conducting a one time only webinar on film making.

The system he created is called Message Mastery; made by Muslims and geared toward Muslims.

Many Muslims around the world are complaining of the silencing of the "Muslim voice" within the media. Message Mastery aims to train Muslims all over the world to gain the skills needed to get them involved in the different modes of communication – whether that mode be through film, newspapers, magazines or even through advertising.

Anyone who signs up for the first webinar -- film making -- will get into all future classes for free.

Future classes include teaching everything from media writing to marketing and public relations work.

"As far as I know, we are the only ones that have something like this for the sake of Islam and for the sake of the Muslims," Khan said.

"We are not going to teach people how to call people to Islam or even how to respond to attacks against Islam. We are merely teaching people the technical aspects of film making, media writing, marketing and so on."

Anyone in the world can join the online class. People who register simply would have to log in to and listen to the live session. If people cannot make it to the live session, they are recorded so that no one misses out.

Khan is currently the CEO of Leechon Films, a company that prides itself on producing high-quality Islamic videos that are also entertaining.

"Some Muslims may say, 'We don't need to put up all this flashy mumbo jumbo for dawah' (calling people to true Islam)," Khan said.

"They expect the usual recording of lectures - you know the ones with the horrible audio and visual quality; those lectures where they gather people around and read to them a book in the most monotone voice possible. And in the end you're left there holding trashy-treasure; some ugly looking jewels."

Many youth in the west criticize Islamic videos that are produced in the West. Many complain about the low sound and picture quality. And many say they are just not entertaining and the acting is horrible.

Khan has created many videos including many promotional videos and trailers for Islamic Institutes in the West, a commercial that aired on Islam Channel in the UK, and many dawah videos geared toward both Muslims and non-Muslims.

Now, he is teaching others how to gain the same skills and how to put their work out there for the world to see.

Anyone interested in such a webinar should go to to sign up. The first day of the webinar will be free for anyone, anywhere to attend.

Registration will officially close June 13, 2008. For more information email

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Minbar Media is a PR firm specializing in PR work for Muslim businesses, products and events.

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