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Press Release Category Entertainment - Movies - VM-Productions Release Date: January 12, 2007

VM-Productions' "Shades Of Day" Selected For Rutgers University Cinema Studies

By VM-Productions
January 12, 2007
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VM-Productions movie Shades of Day is selected by Rutgers University for their Cinema Studies together with the big movie classics. The students list their interesting impressions of the movie on VM-Productions web site.

PR9.NET January 12, 2007 - Santa Monica, CA - VM-Productions is pleased to announce that their latest movie "Shades of Day" has been selected by Rutgers University Professor Gerald Pirog for inclusion in his course, Dostoevsky and Cinema. The film is used in the course, along with classic works by Bertolucci, Scorsese, Bresson, Visconti, Schrader and Kurosawa. Student comments on "Shades of Day" have been overwhelmingly positive, and are posted on VM-Productions recently launched website,

"We're extremely pleased", says Vitaly Sumin, director, writer and producer for VM-Productions, "that 'Shades of Day' has been selected by Professor Pirog. Also, we are really excited about the interesting impressions by the Rutgers University students for whom Professor Pirog screened "Shades of Day." We believe that these students represent an important and authentic part of the audience for the film.

"I personally like the movie..."
Professor Gerald Pirog

"Vitaly Sumin had created a film that, at the same time is both realistic and somewhat dream-like. Even though movies such as the Shades of Day are not meant to be taken as reality by a viewer, I thought that this particular movie tended to have more realistic views of life and love than did the others on Dostoevsky's "White Nights". Sumin made it seem that Linda is lost, she wants something, a man, but she doesn't know who. That is why she falls in love so easily with so many. Do they offer her something she can't find in one? Or is it that she can't or doesn't want to be without any of them by choosing the wrong one?..."
Maria Klushina

Sumin's "Shades of Day" is a very original and modern adaptation of Dostoevsky's White Nights. While the film was dramatically modernizing Dostoevsky's text, it kept to the major ideas of it. At times it kept to the original text but at other times it was completely different. Overall I found it enjoyable and interesting, both the plot and acting.
Raven Hilton

The relationships in this version are very sexual in nature, and I think Sumin is trying to demonstrate the confusion of emotions that people experience, along with the perplexity of reconciling love with sex. I enjoyed this film and appreciated the unique take on Dostoevsky's original work.
Paul C. Hubbard

"Shades of Day" is based on Fyodor Dostoevsky's classic novella "White Nights," considered to be one of the greatest love stories ever written. With "Shades..," the tale is transported from pre-Soviet Russia to modern day Los Angeles. It's the first film release of VM-Productions ambitious "Dostoevsky-LA" project, comprising modern day adaptations of classic Dostoevsky novels. Slated for future production are "Notes From The Underground, LA" (in preparation for a shoot), "Crime and Punishment, LA" and "Idiot, LA."

Vitaly Sumin has worked as a co-writer and producer on numerous productions. His script "Idiot", received a development grant from The Warner Bros. Fund. Sumin's award-winning short film "From Womb To Tomb", which he wrote, directed, edited and produced, made a world tour of important festivals. To read an interview with Vitaly Sumin by Lisa Pinckard, please visit:

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VM-Productions is developing and producing quality films based on original stories and masterpieces of the world literature dealing with a variety of contemporary issues often neglected by mainstream cinema (both by the studios and the 'independents'.) VM Productions produces some of its movies under the sponsorship of the prestigious, 34 year old, non-profit organization New Playwrights Foundation (NPF) of California, focusing on the support of highly original local writers and filmmakers.

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