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Press Release Category Entertainment - Movies - Temple Productions Release Date: January 08, 2007

Did Eisenhower Nearly Launch an Alien War in 1956?

By Temple Productions
January 08, 2007
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Did a town in Colorado become so vulnerable to alien attack that President Eisenhower prepared for war? It did according to "The Top Secret UFO Project," filmmaker R. J. Thomas' parody of UFO documentaries.

PR9.NET January 08, 2007 - Los Angeles, CA - One of the great truth-or-hoax tales in UFO folklore involves a 1954 meeting between President Eisenhower and aliens at the Edwards Air Force Base in California. But Ike's connection to UFOs had a bigger story than that, one in which he prepared for a possible alien war, or so the legend goes in "The Top Secret UFO Project," filmmaker R. J. Thomas' parody of UFO documentaries.

"Ike was president in 1956, at the time when my film takes place, so I had to drag him into it," Mr. Thomas said. "My film is a spoof of UFO cover-ups, and Ike certainly was interested in keeping the public in the dark about things of this nature."

According to "The Top Secret UFO Project," President Eisenhower prepared for a showdown with creatures from outer space, setting up military operations in a little Colorado town some seventy-five miles south of Denver in the summer of 1956.

Based on Thomas' 2004 novella of the same name, "The Top Secret UFO Project" chronicles the UFO-related events experienced by the tiny town of Jasper. According to the film, the town dealt with one unusual event after another in July and August of 1956. After a farmer spotted a flying saucer zipping over his property, scientists rushed into Jasper to investigate, reporters rushed in looking for stories, and government officials rushed in to keep it a secret from the world.

"The Top Secret UFO Project" has created some internet buzz and landed Mr. Thomas a guest spot on "The 'X' Zone," Rob McConnell's internationally-syndicated radio program that deals with the unproven and the unexplained.

Billed as "the movie the government does not want you to see," "The Top Secret UFO Project," is a parody of the cheesy UFO documentaries of the 1970s like "Overlords of the UFO" and of TV programs like "In Search Of."

"According to legend, Eisenhower visited Edwards Air Force Base and either viewed the bodies of dead aliens and the wreckage of their craft, or met with live aliens to discuss peace between the worlds," Mr. Thomas said. "He left a vacation in Palm Springs for this meeting and the press became curious as to where he was. Some thought he was dead."

The White House called a press conference to announce that the president had knocked a cap off a tooth while eating chicken, and that he had to be taken to a local dentist for treatment. Many believe this was a cover-up, the kind spoofed so mercilessly in Mr. Thomas' biting satire.

"Unlike Jimmy Carter, Ike never admitted to seeing a UFO or vowed to make reports of UFOs available to the public," Mr. Thomas said. "If he did believe in UFOs, he certainly didn't want the world to know about it."

"The Top Secret UFO Project" is available on DVD at

"The Top Secret UFO Project (DVD Promo)" is available for viewing on and

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Did Eisenhower Nearly Launch an Alien War in 1956?

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