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Entertainment - Literature Press Release Page 2 Entertainment - Literature

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Prime Minister Deposes Royal Family In Bid To Improve Ratings

New comedy fiction about attempt to replace the Royals with an 'Alternative Royal Family' through a Commonwealth tour and tv talent show. - Royal Factor, January 09, 2012

New eBook 'Taking The Paranormal and Spiritual World Seriously, Theories - Thoughts - Experiences'

Taking the Paranormal and Spiritual World Seriously is the way Chicago Paranormal Host and Psychic Medium Edward Shanahan believes it should be explored and his book explains his theories and thoughts explained by way of his years of experiences. - Edward Shanahan, July 09, 2011

That's Just My Million Dollars - Inspiring Book Rewards Readers

Books ordered from author's page shipped with a 1, 5, 10, 20, or 100 dollar bill enclosed until Fran Briggs gives away the sum of 1 million U.S. dollars.

- eMediaCampaigns!, March 12, 2011

Award-winning novel now available on Kindle

Francesca of Lost Nation is a family story about a grandmother and her granddaughter and all the adventures they get into one summer on an apple farm in Iowa. The novel has just been named an Honorable Mention Hollywood Book Festival winner. It is now available on Kindle for $3. - luckycinda, November 07, 2010

Terminally Ill, Award-Winning Author Brings Robert Kennedy Back to Life in Electrifying New Novel

Despite battling a terminal illness, novelist, Robert Ellis Gordon, has published in his new book, "Humping Credenzas With the Late Bobby Kennedy: A Convict's True Account" (Wyatt-Mackenzie, October 2010). Recipients of preview copies have unanimously agreed that Humping Credenzas takes you on a wild and mesmerizing ride – through thought provoking, compelling, and intricate storytelling. - Robert Ellis Gordon, October 11, 2010

Italian-Americans Continue to Impact USA

Italian-Americans have continuously made major contributions to the US and the most recent to do so is David Beato, a businessman and author of the new memoir The Power of Prayer, Endurance and Truth. - Arbor PR, March 23, 2010

Shaking the literary world like an LA earthquake, Music Producer JackDazey goes for the heart as he Releases New Book of Romantic letters that personifies undying vampire love

After an appearance in Law and Order vampire love episode: Children of the Lost Blood, music producer/visionary and now author JackDazey awakens his charismatic seductive vampire love persona in his new release of romantic collective works in a true diary titled - Dying For Her Love, in which he states "it is my return from the death of my heart to unite with my true love." - IndieBlitzMedia, March 16, 2010

Cartoonist Takes On Bikers And Animals

Paul Jamiol releases the first in a series of children's books using animals and motorcycles. - Paul Jamiol, March 15, 2010

Love Is Coming Knocking for you, the New Romantic Comedy Just Released on

Kathy Cakebread announces the self-publication of her first romantic comedy 'Love Comes Knocking' in conjunction with Lulu Enterprises, the worlds fastest growing provider of print-on-demand books.
- Love Comes Knocking, December 30, 2009

The Irish Troubles and the Assassination of the First Minister of Northern Ireland

"The Bleeding Hills", Wilfried F. Voss' new novel, tells the story of Finnean Whelan, an IRA veteran of almost forty years, who is being accused of planning the assassination of the First Minister of Northern Ireland. - Copperhill Media Corporation, December 21, 2009

The Delicate Sound of Thunder – Clinicality Press' Forthcoming Publication is Criminal

This Autumn sees the publication of 'The Bastardizer,' a hard-hitting detective novel by Bill Thunder on Clinicality Press. -, July 17, 2009

New Book: Find Your True Self through Your Fantasies and Dreams

Atophill Publishing is proud to announce its new book Find Your True Self through Your Fantasies and Dreams by Olavi Moilanen, Ph.D. The author does not see basic differences between dreams and fairy tales. They are both creations of human imagination. Imagining is to let go the process of free associations. - Atophill, June 02, 2009

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