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Press Release Category Entertainment - Literature - Release Date: July 17, 2009

The Delicate Sound of Thunder – Clinicality Press' Forthcoming Publication is Criminal

July 17, 2009
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This Autumn sees the publication of 'The Bastardizer,' a hard-hitting detective novel by Bill Thunder on Clinicality Press.

PR9.NET July 17, 2009 - Bill Thunder is your average disaffected, world-weary misanthropic PI. He's been there, done that, seen it all and got it remembered in the minutest, most obsessive detail. But this is a case that sees him tested to his limits.

There's nothing unusual about a missing man... but things are a little more complicated when the missing person happens to share a name with the world's most famous recently-deceased celebrity. While on the hunt for Michael Jackson – a wealthy businessman – Thunder risks life and limb as he trawls the violent underworld of shady dealings and Internet pornography.

'The Bastardizer' is a truly unique novel. Combining ultraviolence more brutal than 'A Clockwork Orange' with the surgical detail of 'Grey's Anatomy,' the misanthropic narrative of 'The Bastardizer' ploughs a new groove against the well-worn furrows of genre fiction.

Packed with fast-paced action and sharp dialogue, it's dark, abrasive and comical, often all at the same time. Are you ready for the roll of Thunder?


The shooter was either a good shot or fluky as fuck: there's an entry would in Cook's throat. His face is badly broken where the killer's boot connected. Must've been steel-toed to do this much damage with a single jab: he's taken out a couple of teeth and cracked his nose, from which twin rivulets of blood are flowing from the nostrils and down the side of his face.

'That's what you get for messin' with the big boys,' I tell him. He doesn't hear. He's dead.

I slip into the summerhouse through the open door. The little cock-end's saved me the trouble of breaking in, and I'm grateful for that. Ok, grateful's perhaps a bit strong. Thankful? Relieved? Yeah, more like it. I flick on my flashlight and scan the downstairs rooms, which scream minimalist opulence. Even in the gloom it's clear that the finishing and detail is something else. I quickly surmise that anything that may be of use won't be down here though, and make my way up the stairs, two at a time. Four palatial bedrooms, all en-suite lead off from the landing. The first three look pretty standard, but the fourth looks is littered with photographic equipment – backdrops, reflectors, that sort of thing – but no cameras. Looks like it's been used as a studio for a photoshoot. A strange sense of déjà vu shivers fleetingly through my cerebral cortex. Something I just can't place... I shrug it off. I've work to do.

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Christopher Nosnibor: Purveyor of fine postmodern fiction since 1975. Nosnibor is the author of 'Bad Houses' a collection of short stories, a number of pamphlets and short stories, and co-author of multimedia extravaganza 'C.N.N.' with Stuart Bateman.

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