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Press Release Category Entertainment - Literature - Atophill Release Date: June 02, 2009

New Book: Find Your True Self through Your Fantasies and Dreams

By Atophill
June 02, 2009
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Atophill Publishing is proud to announce its new book Find Your True Self through Your Fantasies and Dreams by Olavi Moilanen, Ph.D. The author does not see basic differences between dreams and fairy tales. They are both creations of human imagination. Imagining is to let go the process of free associations.

PR9.NET June 02, 2009 - Simi Valley, CA – Find Your True Self through Your Fantasies and Dreams (Atophill Publishing ▪ ISBN 978-1-929956-15-9 ▪ 448 pages ▪ paperback 6" x 9" ▪ $19.95) brings an important message. It reminds us that every man wants to live a good life. This is possible only by using dreams and artistic expressions, like pictures, music, and literature. Especially fairy tales and other folk stories have and hold ideas of a good life through our long history. These stories carry the ideas of a good life offered by religions. Dreams are the same for individuals as fairy tales and stories are for all of us. They make ideas of a good life fit into every individual situation. The human being is unable to live a good life by aping others. Everybody has his own special route to go. Dreams guide us in this.

We are conscious only about one percent of our whole life. Especially our bodily and emotional expressions are mostly beyond our conscious understanding. Only emotions can guide us to a good life. On the conscious level we are in the middle of thousands of different demands and expectations. We can only feel by our conscience, when we are doing something which is wrong. Only dreams and stories can guide us privately. Thousand-years-old religious stories connected with powerful images guide us in stories and dreams. We do not create stories. Stories create us and make us human and able to love.

In the beginning of the book the author lets us know that the book is an experiment in trying to understand and interpret fairy tales using the same methods that have been used in the interpretation of dreams. He has been working with dreams for more than forty years. His method for interpreting dreams is based on the ideas of Sigmund Freud and Carl Gustav Jung. He has developed their ideas by thoughts of Martin Heidegger. He sees especially interesting the idea that a human being is always worried about which kind of life he is living. If a human being is doing something which does not fit the cultural idea of a good life, something inside him starts to worry. This worrying is the basic point in dreams. So there are in dreams not only hopes and fears, but also other kinds of worries connected with present life and also with expectations concerning future life. In sleep there starts a flow of chains of free associations. It brings to mind cultural images from the stories and life situations, which are some way connected to the theme about which he is worrying.

Among the great figures in psychology, Carl Gustav Jung, in particular, emphasized the independence of the subconscious powers. He observed that dreams bring along images which have an independent existence within the individual. He also noted that these same images appear in religious myths and legends, as well as in fairy tales, fables and folk tales. These images he chooses to call 'archetypes', as they are common to all mankind, having an independent existence of their own, irrespective of the individual they 'inhabit'. Later this sort of Jungian thought had been developed into a scientific discipline in its own right, namely archetypal psychology, which claims that archetypal characters constitute the basic elements for all human activity. It is only through them, according to this branch of science, that human action can be understood in a variety of situations - from the daily chore to the most elevated artistic and divine manifestations.

Mr. Olavi Moilanen, Ph.D. graduated at the University of Jyvaskyla, Finland. - M.A. 1969: Sociology, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Educational Statistics, Economy and Theology - Doctor of Social Sciences 1987 - Post graduate studies (1971-72) in Harvard University, USA, Harvard Divinity School: Religions, Psychology, Dynamics of Religion & Psychology, Primitive Religion and Anthropology Dr. Moilanen has worked in the field of adult education (1976-1991), teaching sociology, social sciences, philosophy and psychology. Part-time lecturer at the University of Oulu, Finland (1976-1988). Vs. assistant Professor of Sociology Department of Sociology at the University of Oulu (1986). Olavi Moilanen has researched the field of human expressions: studying human mind, dreams, illnesses, problems in human relationships, religions, fairy tales and stories. Based on his work, he has authored numerous books in Finland. Find Your True Self through Your Fantasies and Dreams is his first published book in the USA.

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