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Press Release Category Entertainment - Literature - My Alien Penfriend Release Date: September 17, 2007

Video reveals the way to Alien Friendship

By My Alien Penfriend
September 17, 2007
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Ever wondered what life must be like on other planets? Ever wondered if aliens share the same curiosity about us? Well now you can find out!

PR9.NET September 17, 2007 - New Jersey, USA - Lucky Earthlings can now watch a new video that gives clues as to what it might be like to make friends with an alien. Based on Faiz Kermani's adventurous and humorous children's book, "My Alien Penfriend", it looks at how two children on opposite sides of the galaxy make contact with each other. Despite their differences, Darius, a young boy from Earth, and Zmod, an alien from the planet Bartoch, find that they have more in common than they thought and their growing friendship helps them overcome the difficulties around them. The curious pair communicates across the galaxy by spacemail, and the fascinating facts that they learn about each other leaves them eagerly awaiting the next letter.

Take a look at the video on Youtube now and let 'My Alien Penfriend' embark you on an unforgettable trip between futuristic Earth and fascinating planet Bartoch!

Watch at:

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About My Alien Penfriend

My Alien Penfriend is the ‘book behind the Zmodsworld spaceblog'. It gives you further details about Zmod from the planet Bartoch and his friendship with Darius on Earth.

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