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Press Release Category Entertainment - Literature - oldsarge Release Date: January 27, 2005

Western Fiction Writer W.R. Benton Opens a New Official Web Site

By oldsarge
January 27, 2005
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W.R. Benton and His Writing was officially launched today to give his readers a chance to read excerpts from his newest novels. By combining his own special book offerings along with those of writers of various genres W.R. Benton and His Writing provides site visitors with a choice of great reading and value all in one place.

PR9.NET January 27, 2005 - Rolla, Missouri, - Western fiction writer W.R. Benton today announced the launch of a dedicated site for information on his newest Western Fiction Releases. W.R. Benton and His Writing ( provides the western reader or fiction writer the place to improve writing skills, find publishers, join a TOP 100 writers group, find that perfect book, or just stay up to date on W.R. Benton's latest book releases.

W.R. Benton and His Writing is the first official western fiction writing site to be launched by him. However, it joins his growing network of sites, Simple Survival, The Old Sarge, and Bubba Lee, designed to cover various writing genre from southern humor, military history, to wilderness survival. Since beginning two years ago, Simple Survival has become one of the most popular wilderness survival sites on the net and it is expected that W.R. Benton and His Writing will greatly exceed this success by providing both the independent writer and reader with a means of staying informed of current writing markets, reading trends, introducing of new writers, as well as new releases of various genre by various authors.

Published author W.R. Benton, site owner of W.R. Benton and His Writing, explained how excited he was to be launching a new western fiction site;

"The settling of the American west was not for the faint of heart. Both men and women, at times, had to take the law into their own hands and dispense it fairly. Additionally, some of the crimes committed would hardly be considered much of a crime today (stealing a horse usually resulted in death by hanging is an excellent example). The same could be said of stealing cows, the taking of beaver pews, or just being dishonest at the wrong time. The moral standards were totally different and the man had to walk his talk. While the times were rough and demanding, the people were tougher. In my novels, I have attempted to show how everyday people just like you and I settled the wild American frontier against great odds. It is of the no-named people I write about because they worked the hardest and contributed the most to make our nation great. My new site gives other writer's of any genre free professional assistance, a place to post new book releases, and western fiction readers a place to read a tall tale."

Western fiction is a major genre for both readers and writers and W.R. Benton and His Writing has been designed to provide quality services to all site visitors.

Of course no western fiction site would be complete without a listing of publishers, editors, other writers, and low cost graphics assistance. Our country has produced some of the best writers in the world and W.R. Benton and His Writing will provide the links to some of our newest writers (of all genres) while giving the visiting reader access to those sites. The "New Writer Listings" will be provided in conjunction with Writer Links and will be the first of a wide range of new information services planned for the future at the site.

"W.R. Benton and His Writing will be providing services many firms charge a fee to do, but they will be provided at no cost to the reader or the writer. We expect to expand our new site to a much larger site in the very near future, providing a variety of useful information for both the reader and the writer."

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About oldsarge

W.R. Benton grew up in the Missouri Ozark Mountains and retired from the United States military in 1997 with over twenty-six years of active duty. He has an Associates Degree in Search and Rescue, Survival Operations, a Bachelors Degree in Safety and Health, and a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology near completion. His prior released books include "Simple Survival" and "My Dawg Might Be a Redneck." Two new western fiction novels, "Silently Beats the Drum" and "In the Shadow of the Mountain", will be released within the next two months, followed by "Red Runs the Plains" this summer.

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