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Press Release Category Entertainment - Literature - Digital Scanning Inc Release Date: April 17, 2017

"People of the Sea": Adventures That Change The Bible

By Digital Scanning Inc
April 17, 2017
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"People of the Sea: A Novel of The Promised Land" presents for the first time the adventures and powerfully-positive cultural heritage borne into Palestine by the "Sea Peoples" or Philistines---till now, "the bad guys" in The Bible's Old Testament.

PR9.NET April 17, 2017 - IRAKLION, CRETE: In a public forum here where myth and history shaped the Western world, Dr. Jack Dempsey pointed to new scientific digs into our crucial, formative turning-points. "Discover the people who lived all around the first Israelites, for example, and we open a door to a positive new inheritance."

"The roots of The West are deeper and more dazzling than King David or Athenian democracy. Our first and most successful founders were high-tech lovers of life for 2000 egalitarian years long before them, in Minoan Crete. That"s longer than the Roman Empire. Not Utopia. Just very smart. And their children"s real-life stories put our idea of ourselves in constructive new light."

What changed the original West" The Sea Peoples" grand-elders hailed from that stable dynamic Minoan life within nature"s cycles. There were no entrenched kings. Their proud families honored women and kept peace with festivals like Olympic Games. Religion and society focused on an Earth Mother: leaders answered to their people in fixed terms of political power. Suddenly, the worst-known volcanic explosion crippled that life (around 1525 BCE). And into the ruins came "Homer"s heroes," the Myceneans from mainland Greece with the manly ways of kings and love of war---only to collapse in a few centuries.

"The true story is that many families fled these disasters in tiny boats, and harrowing adventures carried them to the land called Palestine."

So began the conflict with us still: People of the Sea are women, men and children of long painful memory determined to build themselves a new life. These "Philistines" (long maligned as "brutish invaders") plant, build, trade and marry with native Canaanites and Hebrews. Their "promised land" means keeping order on Pharaoh"s highways of trade---but, when they meet the highlands" emerging, sternly-patriarchal tribes of Israelites, they face a militant claim on the entire land, promised by a god unknown to anybody else.

"This conflict was fundamental to what The West became. So, with our own crises in nature and culture, the Sea Peoples" human lives point a long, luminous, liberating heritage, a way toward many-sided human being."

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Digital Scanning Inc. (Scituate MA, USA) publishes classic American literature, history, cultural scholarship and sciences.

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