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Entertainment - Entertainment Press Release Page 6 Entertainment - Entertainment

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New Website Launched For Unique, Personalized Children's Book

kidsHeritage, Inc. announces new website which is user-friendly with an overall improved look and feel at - kidsHeritage, Inc., July 21, 2008

Election 08' A "Satirist's Dream" has issued a new faux $3 bill satirizing Barack Obama. The company's gag Obama bill which predates the controversial New Yorker cover by several months depicts Obama wearing a traditional Arab headdress, with the title of "The Prince of Platitudes". A similar bill lampooning John McCain is in production. -, July 21, 2008

Clarendon on Spence Apartments in Cairns Opens Online Reservations with Instant Confirmation

Clarendon on Spence Apartments in Cairns, Queensland, Australia is now empowered to accept and facilitate instantly confirmed reservations via its online booking system, available at - Direct With Hotels, July 18, 2008

Live Dealer Casino Software a Major Concern for Las Vegas Casinos

New Live Dealer Casino Technology set to accelerate the online casino industry while Las Vegas casinos continue to lose clients. - LazerWager, July 15, 2008

Zhejiang International Hotel in China Introduces New Reservation System which Guarantees Instant Confirmation Online

Zhejiang International Hotel in Hangzhou, China makes booking rooms online easy and convenient with a new reservation system added to its official website - DWHotels, July 14, 2008

Star Search Casting Exposes The Latest Entertainment Frauds & Scams

As the number of scams targeting aspiring actors, singers, dancers and models escalate, and scammers become more sophisticated in their methods, it can be tricky to identify the difference between a scam and a legitimate opportunity. - Star Search Casting, Inc., July 08, 2008

No Favorite in Federer vs. Nadal Wimbledon Finals

The 2008 Wimbledon Finals pairing of Roger Federer vs. Rafael Nadal sees neither player as the favorite. - LazerWager, July 05, 2008

Despite Retirement, Sportsbook Says Brett Favre Might Play, But Not With the Packers

Brett Favre's my end retirement, but Sportsbook claims Favre's return will be with a different NFL team.
- LazerWager, July 04, 2008

Beverly Hills Star Factory Gets Expert Entertainment Advisory Board Members.

Seasoned Music And Entertainment Industry Insiders Join Beverly Hills Star Factory Advisory Board To Provide Music And Entertainment Guidance and Counsel. Board Members Will Counsel On How To Make Beverly Hills Factory Significant For Emerging Artists And Successful As An Artist Discovery Platform. - Beverly Hills Star Factory, Ltd., July 03, 2008

Royalton Hotel in Shanghai Launches Online Reservation System with Real-time Room Availability and Instant Confirmation

Royalton Hotel in Shanghai, China beefs up its website offerings with the launch of a reservation system that features a 14-day calendar of real-time room availability and instant confirmation. The system can be accessed at - Direct With Hotels, July 02, 2008

Cypress Hotel in Shanghai Introduces a New Reservation System That Guarantees Instant Confirmation

Cypress Hotel has just added a new reservation system to their website which makes booking accommodations easier and more convenient. - DWHotels, July 01, 2008

NFL Opening Week Filled With Heavy Favorites

NFL Lacks Parity as Heavy Favorites Dominate the NFL's Week One Lines. - LazerWager, June 29, 2008

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