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Reserve Direct with Langkawi Boutique Resort and Get Best Rates and Instant Confirmation Online

Langkawi Boutique Resort in Malaysia reinforces its customer service with an easy-to-use reservation system that offers best rates and instant confirmation online. - DWHotels, February 04, 2008

Direct Reservations with Crystal Paradise Resort in Palawan Delivers Best Rates and Instant Confirmation Online

Crystal Paradise Resort in Palawan, Philippines launches its newly empowered website,, with a reservation system that offers instant confirmation and best rates online. - DWHotels, January 25, 2008

Esplanade Apartments in Palm Cove Adds to its Website a Reservation System that Offers Best Rates

Esplanade Apartments in Palm Cove, North Queensland, Australia beefs up its customer service offerings on its website with a new reservation system that guarantees the best rates. - Direct With Hotels, January 24, 2008

El Careyes offers "romantic rendezvous" Valentine's package that indulges the senses

Three-night getaway feeds the body, mind, soul, stomach and hunger for adventure. - Mexican Pacific Marketing, January 24, 2008

Get Instant Confirmation and Best Rates Online with Kampung Tok Senik Resort's New Reservation System

Kampung Tok Senik Resort in Langkawi, Malaysia beefs up its customer service suite with an innovative online reservation system on their website, which offers instant confirmation and competitive room rates. - direct with hotels, Ltd. Inc., January 21, 2008

Wiley-Blackwell's Latest Edition "Battlestar Galactica and Philosophy"

In advance of the 4th – and as announced – final season of this exciting, thought provoking television series, Wiley-Blackwell's latest installment of its Philosophy and Pop Culture Series, Battlestar Galactica and Philosophy, to be published on January 20, 2008, goes, to quote an earlier Sci-Fi series, "where no man has gone before". This intriguing new volume is the first of its kind to explore Battlestar Galactica, from Cyclons to Starbuck, with great breadth and depth. Assembling a stellar fleet of terrestrial talent, Battlestar Galactica and Philosophy is indispensable to both fans and those who want to explore philosophical and theological issues in an entertaining way. - Media In The City, January 17, 2008

The Urban Fashion Week has expanded the Celebrity Fitting Room (CFR)

The CFR will kick off 2008 with an expansion to reach a larger audience with new events. - POPESTAR MEDIA GROUP, January 09, 2008

Smythe Historic Autograph Auction Offers History & More

Live Winter Autograph Auction at R.M. Smythe Offers One of the Most Interesting Selections of Historic Autographs in Recent History. - LLC, January 05, 2008

Hotel Fortuna Launches New Online Reservation System, Offers Hassle-Free Booking Direct from Website

Hotel Fortuna in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia now delivers instantly confirmed, payment guaranteed bookings with new reservation system on their website - direct with hotels, Ltd. Inc., January 04, 2008

2008 Voicey Award Nominations Now Open

Honoring the brightest and best voice over artists of the year, the 2008 Voicey Award nominations are now open. -, January 03, 2008

Soulseekers Ghost Hunters Launch Third Mobisode

Soulseekers Investigate Brunswick House in Central London. - Soulseekers, January 02, 2008

Classic TV reference site BRBTV turns 10

BRBTV marks its 10th anniversary all year long in 2008, with special deals on the full line of BRBTV products as well as other fun stuff. -, January 01, 2008

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