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Press Release Category Entertainment - Entertainment - Release Date: March 10, 2010

Introducing A New Concept In Social Networking

March 10, 2010
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Sherri Has Joined Forces With PeopleString, a new social network site that shares 70% of it's advertising revenue with it's members.

PR9.NET March 10, 2010 - If you haven't found it yet you may be surprised to find out that PeopleString is an exciting new social networking site that pays you to join and to be active. Revenue sharing is a feature that is brand new to social networking. Sherri Kirklin has joined forces with PeopleString to make this joint effort pay for her, and is now offering to help you succeed as well.

After 10 years of Network Marketing, 4 of those years offering that opportunity online, Sherri has now discovered PeopleString and is excited to offer this new concept in social networking to others. Who would have suspected they could get paid to do what they were already doing online anyway? Things like checking email or shopping online, surfing the web or instant messaging with friends. That's right, people are getting paid to do those things and many more.

Sherri wants everyone to know that it costs nothing to join PeopleString and that there is nothing to buy or sell but this social networking site will pay out 70% of its earnings from advertising to those that are actually using this site. They simply make this site their new portal to the internet. Every member can benefit from those advertising dollars.

Yahoo is not doing this and neither is FaceBook or Twitter or any other social networking site. A brief look at other social networking sites will reveal that there is a lot of advertising going on there. For instance, each FaceBook page has advertising on it and that advertising is targeted to anyone that visits that page. So who gets those advertising dollars? The owners of FaceBook of course. They use each individual's page to advertise products on, and they are not sharing that money with anybody.

PeopleString is different, each member gets to share in the revenue from advertising and is therefore rewarded for bringing other people to the site as well. What could be more perfect? The members get paid 70% of the revenue for the efforts they put forth to bring others to PeopleString and the owners keep 30% for making sure that the site keeps running well. Share and share alike.

Sherri also wants to let people know that PeopleString may be new but it is growing rapidly. She is pleased to have stepped into this on the ground floor since the earning power is so great. Sherri is now getting paid regularly to do a search with Google, chat with friends, check her inbox and quite frankly anything else she does online. She joined for free and is not looking back.

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