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Press Release Category Entertainment - Entertainment - GaySOFLA Magazine Online Release Date: September 15, 2007

GaySOFLA Editor Promises Online Magazine will be Clean, Green, and not too mean!

By GaySOFLA Magazine Online
September 15, 2007
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Senior Editor David L. Wylie of GaySOFLA, south Florida's latest media outlet for the LGBT community, promises to be clean, green, and not too mean! Staff promises the online magazine will be an indispensable source for all things gay in south Florida.

PR9.NET September 15, 2007 - Miami, Florida - In a crowded south Florida field of gay media outlets, David L. Wylie believes his new online venture will stand out from the rest. Wylie, who works in corporate communications for a major south Florida employer, recently launched GaySOFLA, a digital entertainment and news venue targeting the LGBT community.

At the urging of a close friend who works as a digital media specialist, Wylie toyed with the idea of starting an online magazine for over a year. But he had some reservations that his corporate and non-profit public relations experience would translate into measurable success in the cut-throat business of alternative media. But after an eleven month stint working with a local printed publication, first as an event photographer/columnist and eventually as an editor, Wylie believes he now has the experience and knowledge to offer the local gay community something fresh and new.

"It's time to get off the porch and run with the big dawgs," Wylie laughs, using a colloquialism learned from his east Georgia farm boy upbringing. Wylie and his team of eight staffers have a good understanding of what it will take to, not only succeed, but to raise the bar of excellence for local gay media.

Wylie believes there is room for a 'clean' news and information source in the gay south Florida market. "There is a huge void of gay media that is free of porn and other questionable material," says Geo Bustamante, an associate editor of and one of Wylie's closest friends. "I'd like to find out what's going on in our community without having to worry about seeing someone's private parts on every page," he continues. Bustamante appreciates Wylie's commitment to producing an online magazine that can be enjoyed by the entire community, young and old, men and women.

Wylie stresses that his decision to not include erotic or blatant sexual content is more than just a moral decision. He says it makes good business sense.. "It's all about brand alignment," said Wylie. Major brands want to reach the gay community but, as Wylie sees it, ad executives worry how their product, service, or client will be perceived when appearing on the same page as sexually explicit or questionable material. "I guess you could consider another alternative for advertisers trying to reach those living the alternative lifestyle," Wylie laughs.

Wylie also believes that for too long there has been an unspoken division between the gay and lesbian community. "So often our local media pays lip service to the lesbian community, and yet the gay media devotes very little coverage to this part of our community," he asserts. Wylie pledges to focus on lesbian events and news and says he's actively seeking contributors to cover gay women's issues.

When challenged with the idea that print media is a better medium than online media, Wylie begins listing the positive aspects of digital information and entertainment sources. "It's better for the environment! No trees will be destroyed in the production of our magazine," he states. He points out that news can be posted in real time, editorial mistakes can be corrected immediately, and advertisers can be provided more accurate metrics to better determine the effectiveness of the advertising dollars being spent.

Flip through any of the local south Florida gay periodicals and you'll see three pages of ads to ever one page of content. "Our content will be the primary element that will make GaySOFLA stand apart," he states. Wylie has assembled a team of talented contributors and he believes the group is pivotal to the success of the online venture. Wylie notes that most of his contributors are very active in various causes in the LGBT community and writing for GaySOFLA is just an extension of the work they are already doing. "I'm elated with the team we've pulled together," Wylie says proudly.

GaySOFLA is in its infancy, but the online magazine staff is striving to be south Florida's indispensable information & news source. The magazine staff promises to work to inform and entertain with a unique blend of hard hitting commentary, celebrity interviews, inspirational human interest stories, and more. "Our goal is to be a one-stop-information-source for all things gay for residents of the south Florida GLBT Community and to those travelers visiting the area.

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Phone 786-663-5828
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About GaySOFLA Magazine Online is South Florida's Premier Online Magazine for the GLBT Community. Our purpose is to entertain, encourage, and educate the GLBT community. on all that's good within our community!

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