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Press Release Category Entertainment - Entertainment - Ticketrends Release Date: August 19, 2004

Microsoft to Google: Checkmate

By Ticketrends
August 19, 2004
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Microsoft is currently in the position to start focusing their marketing and development on porting all of their applications, development environments – EVERYTHING THEY SELL AND USE - online and Web accessible instead of worrying about multiple software releases for various platforms.

PR9.NET August 19, 2004 - Memo to Bill: Change the Rules of the Game

The most highly anticipated event of the year in the business world was made official on April 29, 2004 – Google filed with the SEC (SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION) and is going public.

You've heard the optimistic rhetoric: "This could change Wall Street again." "This is the shot-in-the-arm our economy has been waiting for." "This could change EVERYTHING."

I am going to tell you what this means – nothing.

Google, just like any good corporate citizen, wants to maximize profits, become a household name and grow their marketshare to the point of market dominance. Even though they are still privately held, for all intents and purposes let's refer to Google as a corporate citizen, because by sheer marketshare they are one: over 200 million people use Google daily.

Let us look at Google objectively. Google is a search engine. It is a resource for everyone with their news service (not a unique offering in the market), their news alerts (not unique…), their online market Froogle (not unique…), their image search (not unique…), their groups (not unique…), their toolbar (not unique…): I believe the picture is becoming very clear and one that is evident: Google is doing the same thing that their competitors are doing (Yahoo!, MSN, AOL, Lycos, Overture, AltaVista, Dogpile, etc.) but using their clout as "Apex Predator of the Search Engine Universe" to create a successful distraction from the rest of their modules/offerings, which are just as plagued with infancy and learning curves as their competition’s.

Google then by definition is another search engine, but one that has gotten the attention and media coverage it has always wanted by remaining privately-held, displaying market dominance, and ultimately leveraging the momentum of those two factors into being a tempting financial plum, ripe for public consumption.

Let us never ever forget history.

Wall Street cannot afford to be that stupidly greedy again. Another bubble and this one will not only burst, but the fallout will be radioactively catastrophic and forever tarnish the association of Wall Street and any Web site filing for an IPO. Fool me once, shame on you – fool me twice, shame on me.

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