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Press Release Category Entertainment - Entertainment - vivaeros SPECIAL PRODUCTS Release Date: September 30, 2021

Highway to Smell

September 30, 2021
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Wesseling, Germany, October 2021. Over 17 years ago the Colognian entrepreneur Guido Lenssen created with VULVA Original® the world's first scented water with a real vaginal scent. With a “Big Bang”, i.e. new unique products the new online shop will be celebrated and presented on October 1st!

PR9.NET September 30, 2021 - In the last few years, a well-known Hollywood actress has caused headlines time and again around the world with vagina scented candles. In the meantime, a US soul singer jumped on the mainstream scent-bandwagon with her vagina scented incense sticks. However, did you know that the vaginal scent as an extraordinary lifestyle product was not invented in Hollywood, but rather in Cologne?

As early as 2004, the entrepreneur Guido Lenssen had the idea of an erotic scent for one’s own smelling enjoyment. “I wanted to create something unique, that gives people joy and pleasure and makes them happy”, he explains.

After several years of development work, VULVA Original® was finally born:
The scent of a vagina, captured in a noble vial. A revolutionary product to apply on the back of the hand for a very special kind of erotic cinema in your mind.

The lovers of VULVA Original® are erotic gourmets of any gender, aged 18 and over.
“VULVA Original® is my very personal commitment to self-pleasure without a
bad conscience and a lust for fetish without shame”, says Lenssen. “Apart from that
I want to set up a memorial to all women in the world - for me they are the
Crown of Creation!”

Big performance for VULVA Mature®!

VULVA Original®, which is sold by Guido Lenssen exclusively via the website and the shop* of his company vivaeros, has found countless fans worldwide since 2004 and is now enjoying a cult status. Inspired by the enormous success, Guido Lenssen is now introducing a new scent - VULVA Mature®. The big sister of the classic seduces with the real scent of a mature lady who knows exactly what she wants.

Various lifestyle products such as high-quality art prints, t-shirts and a creative skateboard deck in the VULVA Original® design are also expanding the variety of goods. With it, fetish fans and friends of scents can set a stylish image on a daily basis as well.

* Link available starting on October 1st

Exclusively at vivaeros

VULVA Original®, VULVA Mature® and other products are exclusively available worldwide on the brand-new website with an online shop from vivaeros and also on Amazon.

However, for the very first time since its founding in 2004, vivaeros would like to open the gates of its self-created monopole, in order to invite cordially exquisite and exclusive partners to long and prosperous collaborations, both locally and internationally. Come in & delight in the scent!

Quotes from Guido Lenssen (CEO of vivaeros)

“With VULVA Original® we have captured all the grace and beauty of a woman in a divine scent.” “VULVA Original® was certainly created for great and exciting sex. But it also has something to do with love, patience, enjoyment and respect for yourself and your partner.” “I want more and more women in the world to be treated like goddesses, because they all deserve it! It is high time for us men, to cherish women with their grace and beauty in all facets.”

About vivaeros SPECIAL PRODUCTS®

vivaeros SPECIAL PRODUCTS® was founded in 2004 by Guido Lenssen for the distribution of his VULVA Original® related products. Lenssen was born in 1967, a real “Colognian boy” and a man with many talents: the product designer and photographer is also a publisher and author ("Esperanza Santiago").

Contact for the press

Text and photo can be reproduced free of charge, request specimen copy.
Do you need any more information?
We look forward to your inquiries - please contact us at:

Guido Lenssen
Nordstrasse 52
DE 50389 Wesseling
Telephone: +49(0) 163 8440082

# # #

Contact Information of vivaeros SPECIAL PRODUCTS Contact Information of vivaeros SPECIAL PRODUCTS
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Founded in 2004, vivaeros SPECIAL PRODUCTS set the very first milestone worldwide in the then little-known fetish area of erotic smells. Although after almost 20 years of hard work and unshakable loyalty to its fans, they themselves associate it with a good mood, VULVA Original was by no means created out of a whim, such as similar products in the case of Hollywood 15 years later. With the quite impressive, but also offensively provocative product, the company pursued a major goal: to put the issue of gender equality in the world, especially in the world of eroticism, in the right light and to set a truly respectful and appreciative symbol for it. With years of experience in production, sales and public relations with several successful appearances at the world erotic fair “VENUS”, the company should not stop at just one impressive product that is already known in over 100 countries.

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