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Press Release Category Entertainment - Entertainment - Best Thing/Worst Thing Release Date: November 12, 2014

What Is The Best Thing and The Worst Thing About Your Life? Read What Others Have Posted

By Best Thing/Worst Thing
November 12, 2014
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There is a new website where everyday people anonymously post what they feel is the best thing about their lives and the worst thing about their lives. People from all walks of life tell the world about the high points and the low points of their lives. It's fun.... It's cathartic... It's a learning experience. See how other people rate their lives. Read posts about peoples' innermost evaluations about their lives, and then post your own best/worst stories for the world too see.

PR9.NET November 12, 2014 - Del Mar, CA - The ?Best Thing/Worst Thing? web site is free... It's fun. It's completely 100% anonymous. There's no signup, no login and no place to even add your name. It's just true heart stories about life in a nutshell. It's a global yardstick of life. It's uplifting... It's fascinating and it can lead to a better appreciation for your own life and your own struggles, battles and triumphs.

Read about peoples' luck, peoples' misfortunes and peoples' desires and their hopes and dreams that may or may not have come true. It's all about life. It's about love, loss; it's about longing and remembering.

Then turn the tables and anonymously post your own best thing and worst thing about your life. It's a global "get something off your chest" website.

Inspired by a strangers' hard luck story followed immediately by their best times story. It's a roller coaster ride through others' lives that will delight you. It's touching, humorous, inviting and entertaining all at the same time.

There's nothing like it on the web. It'll get you thinking as you get into the heads of others in a way that will inspire you to review your own life. Then, if you feel compelled -- add your own storyline to the "Best Thing/Worst Thing wall of life".

Visit the site today to see what all the fuss is about: You'll come away with a new perspective on living as you take a quick peek into the lives of others to gain a fresh perspective on your own life. You'll be surprised how you measure up against the world full of lives around you.

Best Thing/Worst Thing
Dale Wozny
(949) 291-5901
Del Mar, CA 92014

# # #

Contact Information of Best Thing/Worst Thing Contact Information of Best Thing/Worst Thing
Phone 949-291-5901
E-Mail E-mail Address Protected
Address Del Mar, CA 92014

About Best Thing/Worst Thing

My name is Dale Wozny. My wife and I were having lunch at a beach-side restaurant in southern California recently and we happened to strike up a conversation with a couple next to us. They were talking about their lives ? the good things and the bad things about it ? and we were intrigued to hear this info from complete strangers.
So it got me to thinking: what if people could anonymously post this kind of "self-assessment" online for folks to enjoy.... and "The Best Thing / Worst Thing" website was born!
So have fun reading about peoples' lives, and maybe you'll post your own life assessment on our website!

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