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Press Release Category Entertainment - Entertainment - Save Jericho Again Release Date: December 09, 2012

Jericho fans start sending Nuts again, this time Nutting Netflix to get Season 3 deal finalized

By Save Jericho Again
December 09, 2012
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Jericho fans go Nuts for more Jericho on Netflix. With a rumored deal for Jericho Season 3 on Netflix, Jericho fans start another round of nutty shelling to revive the Cult classic show.

PR9.NET December 09, 2012 - Per TV Guide and various outlets, Netflix has approached CBS about possibly reviving the cult hit series Jericho exclusively through their service. Not Surprisingly repeat episodes of Jericho are extremely popular on Netflix. This news has Jericho fans once again Nuts for more Jericho.

Jericho fans responded and placed a Netflix wakeup call... This Jericho campaign is a little different than the last nuts campaign.The Jericho fans are not targeting a whole network... they are targeting one man, Reed Hastings Netflix's head CEO. Fans say deep cover sources report talks between CBS and Netflix may have recently broke down and it's Netflix to blame. Nuts have always been Jericho's calling card so Jericho fans are dropping a few on Reed Hastings desk. About a truckload so far with a second wave getting ready to hit. In addition fans are flooding Netflix's phones and emails requesting negotiations continue. They've also taken it to social media by posting on Twitter and the Netflix Facebook pages.

The site has had thousands of hits in just a couple weeks. Thousands of pounds of Nuts from various sources have been sent to Netflix headquarters with more on the way. Fans became enthusiastic when news broke that Netflix was bringing Arrested Development back, and the fact that Netflix is looking into reviving another cult favorite show (Jericho) could be a preview of streaming TV shows in the future. Jericho Fans are all in to help make this happen.

Another interesting buzz to follow is that Lennie James is set to reprise his role in the Apocalyptic Zombie smash hit 'The Walking Dead'. Lennie James is also said to be very receptive to returning to Jericho in his role as Hawkins if the Jericho deal with Netflix were to be inked. Stay tuned, and don't bet against those Nutty Jericho fan's

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About Save Jericho Again

A consortium of Jericho fans dedicated to Saving the cult hit TV show Jericho due to cancellation by CBS. Jericho, which first aired in 2007, was canceled after its 2nd season. Cancellation is nothing new for Jericho, it was canceled after its 1st Season but an Epic fan protest brought it back. Nuts for Jericho won out by sending tons of Nuts to CBS, and disrupting their headquarters with phone calls. mail and faxes. Then it was canceled again in 2008. Save efforts have resulted in additional Seasons of Jericho in Graphic format, Comic Books, Movie consideration and in mid 2012 a proposed Netflix deal to air a season 3 of the show. And Yes, Nuts R uS!

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