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Entertainment - Education Press Release Page 5 Entertainment - Education

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Penny Abshire, A.S.G., Has Characters in Her Pocket on Voice Over Experts

Penny Abshire, Creative Director of, shares some of the characters that reside in her pocket on the Voice Over Experts Podcast at -, August 29, 2007

'Motive to Kill' Probes Tainted Transfusion Cover-up

"Motive to Kill" is the sequel to "Ghosts of Hollandale," which was released in 2006. In "Ghosts," Slaughter revealed this tragic story with specific details of the roles that individuals played and how thousands of innocent people fell victim to this horrific predicament. - Slaughter & Associates, August 21, 2007

Off Broadway Kids to Perform at Walt Disney World Resort

Off Broadway Kids theater troupe is performing at the National Performing Arts Festival at Walt Disney World on February 16-18. The festival features some of the nation's top high school and middle school acting troupes performing selections for a panel of professional adjudicators. - Travel Adventures, August 14, 2007

Edexcel Partners with SQTL Integrated Solutions

INTERNATIONAL awarding body Edexcel has partnered with SQTL Integrated Solutions in India to provide globally recognised BTEC HNC (Higher National Certificate) qualifications.
- Dipayan Mazumdar & Associates, August 08, 2007

Henderson Players to Perform on Broadway

For the second consecutive year, The Henderson International School's drama troupes will be performing at the National Performing Arts Festival in New York City. The festival will be held on Saturday, March 31st and features some of the nation's top high school and middle school acting troupes performing selections for a panel of theater experts. - Travel Adventures, August 07, 2007

Voiceover Coach Joan Baker Exposes the Myth of Rejection

VoiceOver industry performer, instructor and author Joan Baker challenges the myth of rejection and gives insight to voice actors auditioning everywhere. -, July 17, 2007

VoiceOver Coach Bettye Zoller Makes the Most of Your Message

Esteemed voiceover coach and industry veteran Bettye Zoller gives voice actors some pointers on self-promotion and how to develop an elevator speech. -, July 15, 2007

PlusAbroad Launches Spain's First Website Inviting the Boomer Generation to Educational Travel in Europe

Spain's first website for active baby boomers has just been launched. PlusAbroad showcases educational travel in Europe with challenges for active adults to engage life-long learning and new experiences. PlusAbroad offers programs related to art, cinema, wine-tasting, cooking, language learning, yoga, music, or low-impact sports such as cycling or walking in Spain, Italy, Holland and Belgium. - PlusAbroad, July 09, 2007

Soraida Martinez Featured in New York City Inaugural Launch of The Business Journal for Hispanic Research

Soraida Martinez, the Latina artist that in 1992 created a unique art style called Verdadism, where every painting is accompanied with a written social commentary addressing issues of racism and sexism, featured in the inaugural launch of The Business Journal for Hispanic Research in New York City. - Artist, Soraida, June 21, 2007 Presents Debbie Munro's Mic & Me Workshop in Toronto is pleased to present voice over coach Debbie Munro's Mic & Me Workshop June 9-10th in Toronto at Ryerson University. -, May 24, 2007

Promo & Imaging Voice Talent Matt Williams Rocks the VOX Talk Podcast recently hired voice talent Matt Williams to record a new show intro for their podcast, VOX Talk, the #1 voice over industry podcast. -, May 10, 2007

Tomasian Ent! announces its Spring Forward Before You Fall Back Booking Sale

From now until May 30, 2006, Tomasian Ent! - an internet based entertainment company located on the web at tomasianent dot com, will offer discounts up to 40% off the standard booking price of its productions, workshops and seminars. - Tomasian Ent!, April 03, 2007

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