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Press Release Category Entertainment - Education - Release Date: September 06, 2021

Dead or Alive â€" Surviving the breakdown of our society

September 06, 2021
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The latest book by Pierre A. Kandorfer analyzes the breakdown of our society and shows ways how to survive the most dramatic attack on our Constitution and our way of life.

PR9.NET September 06, 2021 - California City, CA.
Like never before in Judeo-Christian history, the breakdown of our social structure suggests that we are in the process of losing everything close to our hearts: Our national identity, our liberties, our freedoms, our history, our traditions, our dignity, our common sense, and our way of life.
Our progressive elites have sold out America for parts. Chaos reigns. Corruption is blooming. Crime is flourishing. In our highly corrupt, progressive world, everything goes. We appear to be between a rock and a hard place with no options but to submit to the cynical totalitarian takeover.
As grim as our options might look, we can’t give up. We have no choice. Living in an arrogant, corrupt, oppressive, totalitarian system is no option. This is an uphill battle. We are in the fight of our lifetime. The book “Dead or Alive” analyzes the political and societal breakdown of our beloved country and suggests ways how to survive the collapse of our society. Never give up the American spirit, never give up the American soul, and never give up the American Dream. The paperback costs only $8.95 and is available through and a series of other booksellers. The eBook version sells for just $2.95.
Pierre Kandorfer is a veteran journalist with thirty-five years of media background. He wrote thousands of articles, hundreds of TV programs, and over a dozen books such as “A Love Letter to America â€" The secret of the American spirit,” “You Don’t Know Who You Really Are,” “No More Doubt â€" Science Confirms the Bible,” “Whom Can We Still Trust,” “Fight Back Manual,” “Find Peace of Mind or Lose Your Mind,” in addition to some media textbooks. Pierre’s books are available at NeverGiveUpYourDream.US, Amazon, and many other booksellers.
Pierre taught media communications, acted as Dir. of Programming of nationwide TV broadcasting worked as TV host and producer of a movie series and hundreds of TV shows. He also is a commercial pilot, speaks several languages, and is a proud Christian and passionate Constitutionalist.

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