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Press Release Category Entertainment - Animation - Quenchware Release Date: February 24, 2006

The Drop Shop announces MP3's, a studio makeover, and more dance music than ever.

By Quenchware
February 24, 2006
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The Drop Shop is now revolutionizing itself by broadcasting live DJ sets & selling mp3 & wave file downloads on their e-commerce website.

PR9.NET February 24, 2006 - Orlando, FL - The Drop Shop is the only Brick & mortar vinyl record store in Orlando ,proudly serving the central Florida area for over a decade. Striving to bring the hottest tunes to town , The Drop Shop is now revolutionizing itself by broadcasting live DJ sets & selling mp3 & wave file downloads on their e-commerce website. (

The Drop Shop has gone thru a complete makeover of their DJ studio which houses Drop Radio, an online radio station that broadcasts audio & video of djs playing live 24/7/365. "It's really all about the music, some turntables, and the viral online spreading of dance music" says Alex. The Drop Shop has put a lot of time and effort into creating "Drop Radio" which has thousands of listeners daily. Music is the international language that everyone can enjoy regardless of your color, race, age, sex - or sexual preference, music is the language we all understand & unites us together".

Drop Radio makeover is also now complete . The new studio has been totally redesigned with state of the art equipment, including a pair of cdj-1000, 3 Technic 1200 turntables -a Pioneer djm3000 mixer with separate eq's & a lot more. Also, a newly added door & window into the main room, gives you exposure to Drop Shop customers as well as the thousands of online listeners (growing daily).A dedicated online connection with new high-resolution camera, new powered monitors & sub woofer all rewired for optimum audio/video recording and broadcasting.

When asked about this new mass medium for a style of music that is largely considered 'underground' Alex replied with a simple phrase , "dance music for the masses". "We have DJ's of all electronic genres including House, Breaks, Drum N Bass, Trance ,and more. "It defines our individuality & style". We now have a new outlet for our media , another way to help promote new DJ talent in the Central Florida/ Orlando area ,giving local artists international exposure.
"says Alex.

In addition to all this, The Drop Shop has a larger selection of vinyl records than any store in the state of Florida. A step into the door of the Drop Shop puts you directly into the heart of Orlando's dance music community. After over 10 years ,the collection of vinyl on the walls is graciously put; impressive!(with new arrivals daily).

The classic vinyl is not all the Drop Shop and haveto offer to their music fans. They have recently made plans to make cutting edge dance music available on MP3 & wave file downloads. "It really lets us get music we know people love into their lives." When asked to explain this Alex said "So many people go out to clubs and have a great time dancing and listening to the music, but most don't know where to purchase those tracks they've heard." Certainly with offering MP3 & wave file downloads ,in addition to vinyl & cd's, The Drop
Shop is closing the proverbial gap between the music they hear & they want.

For more info call 407-839-6050 or go to

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Quenchware is a software development company founded in 2004. We develop Internet marketing software for all kinds of businesses. Please feel free to contact us for questions. Private consults also available.

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