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Press Release Category Entertainment - Animation - Living On The Up Beat, LLC Release Date: December 13, 2005

Diets and the Holidays Don't Mix

By Living On The Up Beat, LLC
December 13, 2005
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Want a sure fire way to ruin your holiday season? Obsess about your weight and think about diets. Want to have the best Christmas ever? Learn to be happy in the body you have.

PR9.NET December 13, 2005 - Is Santa Clause From An Alternate Reality Where Fat Is Seen As Beautiful?

He's fat, but he never goes on diets. He's fat, but he doesn't obsess about his weight—instead he spends his time thinking about how to make kids happy. He's fat, but everybody loves him. He's fat, but he's happy with himself. Santa Claus can't possibly come from our society—a society that despises fat and has an estimated $100 billion a year diet industry. Santa Claus has a different perspective, one everyone could benefit from adopting.

Author, newspaper columnist, and recovering compulsive eater, Andrea Rains Waggener, shared our society's attitude about fat until her struggles with weight (she's ranged from a size 8 to a size 26 and recently has regained 60 pounds of a 100 pound loss) inspired her to write Alternate Beauty (Bantam 2005). The novel follows 300-pound Ronnie Tremayne into an alternate reality where fat is considered beautiful, a reality that just might be Santa Claus' original home. Read a description of Alternate Reality and an excerpt from the book at

How else has Santa Claus avoided tying his happiness and productivity to his body size, as most people in our society do? "Like many intelligent women," Andrea says, "I've spent way too much time worrying about how much I weigh instead of focusing on reaching goals that have a positive impact on society." As Christmas approaches, Andrea has decided, "Santa Claus has this whole weight thing in proper perspective. We could all learn a thing or two from the jolly old elf."

Andrea will share what she has learned from Ronnie's and maybe Santa's experience with an alternate reality:

• The biggest mistake overweight women are making

• The secret of how to finally gain self acceptance

• Three simple exercises to help change the way you see yourself

• Why changing your perception can bring you more happiness than changing your weight

Andrea Rains Waggener has been featured in Fitness, Shape, and Diane magazines. She's been a warm and engaging guest on Pacific Northwest TV's Northwest Afternoon and Being In Seattle, as well as on several radio talk shows. She has helped thousands of people through her newspaper column, "The Up Beat." For an entertaining and inspiring interview that will help your listeners feel happier and more confident just in time for Christmas and the New Year, call Andrea at (360) 581-4085 or e-mail her at Visit her website to read about Alternate Reality and her other books at

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Contact Information of Living On The Up Beat, LLC Contact Information of Living On The Up Beat, LLC
Phone 360-581-4085
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Address P.O. Box 551
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About Living On The Up Beat, LLC

Living On The Up Beat is a company that offers books, articles, and a e-newsletter to help people live up beat, inspired lives. It provides personal improvement resources and encouragment.

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