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Computers - Software & Shareware Press Release Page 4 Computers - Software & Shareware

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Bizy, Inc. Announces the Bizyweb Simple CMS for Web Applications

The Bizyweb Simple CMS for Web Applications provides seamless integration of sessions and user management between a context-driven web application and the CMS console.

Three sites deploying the new release may be experienced at:, and - Bizy, Inc., June 26, 2009

31,000 DNL eBook Titles Aimed at Emerging Netbook Market by End August

On the back of a surge in demand for the consumer-friendly and secure DNL eBook format, DNAML is in the process of delivering over 31,000 DNL eBook titles by the end of August this year aimed at the fast growing Netbook market. - DNAML Pty Ltd, April 20, 2009

Navori Launches Hybrid Hosting in Partnership with ConnectedSign LLC in the U.S.

Navori and and their long term U.S. partner, ConnectedSign, are launching their first Digital Signage rental offering. - Navori International S.A, April 08, 2009

Green EcoSystems Group Announces Low Cost Green-ES 'Software as a Service' Solution for REACH SVHC Management and 'Article' Reporting

Green EcoSystems announces the availability of its low cost Green-EcoSystems Software as a Service (Green-ES SaaS) solution to help all types of manufacturing companies address requirements for 'Articles' as mandated by The European Union's Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals (REACH) Directive. The Green-ES SaaS platform also provides solutions for RoHS compliance, e-Waste analysis, and all other global extended producer responsibility (EPR) directives. - Green EcoSystems Group, March 23, 2009

WorldSharp 1042-S Tax Form Preparation System for 2008 Now Shipping

WorldSharp Technologies, Inc. announced the 2008 Version of WorldSharp 1042-S Preparation System with Electronic Reporting is shipping. 1042-S is the Tax Form is filed for a Foreign Person's U.S. Source Income Subject to Withholding. - Worldsharp Technologies, Inc., February 03, 2009

WorldSharp 2008 Tax Form Software for all 1098's, 1099's, 5498's and W-2g's Now with Enhanced Importing

WorldSharp Technologies, Inc. Announces the 2008 Version of WorldSharp 1099 Item Preparation System with Electronic Reporting is ready for Distribution. The new version has an enhanced Import capability and Vista support. - Worldsharp Technologies, Inc., January 17, 2009

BillingTracker Pro Launches New Feature-Packed Website

BillingTracker Pro, the industry's premier bookkeeping and invoicing software now offers a comprehensive website for professionals and entrepreneurs seeking savvy invoicing solutions for new and expanding businesses. - Fifth Walk LLC, December 11, 2008

Medical Billing Software .com Announces Release of Medisoft Medical Billing Software Version 14 Service Pack 1

Medical Billing Software .com today announced release of the service pack 1 of the popular Medisoft >Medical Billing Software program. Our medical billing software is being used by medical offices, chiropractic offices, mental health offices, physical therapy clinics, and other health care professionals.
-, November 19, 2008

Vholdr Wearable Camcorder Fuels Growing International Adventure Sports Community

Award-winning wearable camcorder has 75% of camera owners sharing video from 57 countries. - Twenty20, Inc., November 12, 2008

New Site Provides Full Tutorial on Using CCleaner to Clean Microsoft™ Windows stepping up to provide screen-by-screen instructions on how to configure and use CCleaner (formerly Crap Cleaner), one of the top free PC cleaning utilities available. -, October 10, 2008

Outsourcing IT Support to Make Internal IT Management Obsolete, Say Experts at DMC Software Solutions

The advantages of Outsourcing Information Technology (IT) management is making small and medium businesses (SME) consider going infrastructure free. Outsourcing IT support in public and private sectors is becoming so popular that in the future internal IT management may become obsolete, predict experts at software specialist company DMC Software Solutions. - DMC Software Solutions, August 06, 2008

USB over Network Server and USB for Remote Desktop for Linux released

FabulaTech has opened the gates to Linux to make use of the products a success. USB over Network Server and USB for Remote Desktop for Linux available now. - FabulaTech, July 29, 2008

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