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Press Release Category Computers - Software & Shareware - Qnext Corp. Release Date: May 25, 2008

Qnext Makes Media-Sharing as Instant as Messaging

By Qnext Corp.
May 25, 2008
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Universal Instant Messenger lets users share rich media with anyone, instantly.

PR9.NET May 25, 2008 - TORONTO, CANADA – Qnext today released a new version of its popular unified communication and sharing suite that lets users communicate and share digital media as easily and instantly as they can send and receive messages. Qnext addresses the needs of millions of consumers and business users that want to consolidate their contacts, instantly and securely communicate and share digital content with anyone in real-time directly from their computer, no uploads to external services.
Qnext's communication capabilities include 8-way VoIP, 4-way video conferencing and a multi-protocol instant messenger that supports Yahoo!, AIM, ICQ, Jabber, Google Talk, iChat, IRC, and MSN, together with drag and drop file transfer of any size, group text chat, remote PC access and shared applications. In addition, Qnext allows instant sharing of an unlimited number of files, documents, presentations, videos, photos, and music streaming to anyone – even if the recipient does not have Qnext installed.

More than one billion users use instant messaging and many find themselves juggling contact lists on more than one messenger network, and using multiple programs and external services to share content. Qnext consolidates user contacts in one place and also provides communication and sharing all within one application, resulting in improved efficiency and greater user experience.

"Since communication has gone real-time, it stands to reason that our media should as well," said Oren Asher, Qnext CEO. "When enhancing our daily interactions with media-sharing, we don't want to be limited to the small subset of our content that we've uploaded somewhere on the Internet. Rather than talk about the pictures from the party, we want to let you see them as we talk, or give you access to view or download them at a later time."

Qnext comes packed with uniquely designed services for music, photos, and files. Streamed music is displayed in a familiar player interface and organized by artist, album, genre, and playlist. Photos can be viewed as thumbnails or zoomed, downloaded in original resolution and format, (with permission) or be run in a slideshow. Files and folders can be browsed and downloaded individually or in a batch (with permission). In addition group text chat can be attached to any of the shared content for discussion. Users have complete control on when, which and how a content can be shared, no worrying about file sizes, upload times, or what network or software the recipient is on.

Qnext is now available as a FREE download from for Windows, Mac, and Linux. A version of Qnext for mobile and other services that specifically address certain segments of the business market will be available in Q4, 2008.

Copyright © 2008 Qnext Corp. All rights reserved. Qnext is a registered trademark of Qnext Corp.

All other company and/or product names are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

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Contact Information of Qnext Corp. Contact Information of Qnext Corp.
Phone 1 (647) 403-1880
E-Mail E-mail Address Protected

About Qnext Corp.

Qnext Corp. is a global software company focused on the development of unified communication, broadcasting and sharing technologies for consumers and the business market. Qnext solutions enable users to manage online relationships, communicate, and share rich content efficiently and securely from any PC with anyone using the internet or wireless networks. The company’s communication and sharing suite includes innovative services such as 8-way VoIP, 4-way video conferencing, multi-protocol instant messaging, file and photo sharing, music streaming, drag and drop file transfers, and remote PC access. Qnext uses Java, services-delivery architecture, hybrid P2P, Peer2Web (web2.0) technologies and a developmental environment that enables a broad array of third party developers, OEMs, organizations, digital entertainment providers, and social networking sites to develop new services. Qnext is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.
Media Contact: Nathan Potechin
1 (647) 403-1880

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