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Press Release Category Computers - Software & Shareware - Scaent Group Release Date: April 02, 2008

Scaent Group to help SKM Market Predictor expand their business East

By Scaent Group
April 02, 2008
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The Board of Directors of SKM Market Predictor, the Scaent Group's recently acquired Norwegian subsidiary, held a meeting during the last week to discuss and review the SKM development strategy and future prospects within new target markets.

PR9.NET April 02, 2008 - Trondheim, Norway – The Board of Directors of SKM Market Predictor, the Scaent Group's recently acquired Norwegian subsidiary, held a meeting during the last week to discuss and review the SKM development strategy and future prospects within new target markets.

The meeting was attended by Scaent Group's representatives including the Business Development team, Marketing and PR personnel. The session concluded with the development of a framework strategy document for the SKM expansion beyond Scandinavia. The framework document covers the introduction of the product to the new target markets, including: Germany, the Baltic Countries and most importantly Russia, where the SKM product will be established as the first in the sector. The SKM expansion will definitely fulfill a requirement from Russia's liberalizing energy market and therefore the new company should be able to quickly gain a major share of the Russian market for energy analysis and forecasting.

Russia will be the first and the primary target market for SKM beyond Scandinavia.

"We are delighted to have started our cooperation with the SKM Market Predictor team and to help them with their ambitious plans to introduce their product to the new markets. SKM Market Predictor will be able to supply a superior product that will assist in verifying the true liberalization of the Russian and Eastern European energy markets", – said Konstantin Morozov, the Scaent Group's Senior Executive Director, who will supervise the future development of SKM Market Predictor in Russia and the Baltic Countries.

The meeting also introduced the Head of the SKM Market Predictor's office in Russia. The new colleague is Alexander Dorofeev, a renowned energy professional who has gained excellent experience working within several successful energy projects in both Scandinavia and Russia.

Commenting on the meeting results Alexander Dorofeev said: "I am delighted to be given this opportunity to introduce the SKM Market Predictor product and its unrivalled customer service to the vast Russian market. There are numerous tough decisions to be made and plenty of hard work to be completed, but I am certain about the range of fantastic opportunities that we have within the Russian market and our ability to satisfy that demand".

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Scaent Group to help SKM Market Predictor expand their business East

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About Scaent Group

Since 2003 the Scaent Group has been expanding globally, initially founded in Sweden to trade electricity on the Scandinavian energy market, the Group has migrated to Norway, Finland, Ireland, the Baltic States and even further to Eastern Europe and China. Today, after five years of fast paced and successful development that has resulted in it becoming one of Europe’s leading energy market experts the Scaent Group is diversifying its interests into various spheres including Real Estate, Software, Public Services, Utilities, Construction, Prospecting, Consumer Goods Manufacturing, Retail, Publishing and Telecommunications. At present the Scaent Group has more than 10 companies and sub-groups conducting business in over 12 countries and across two continents. The Head Office is in Amsterdam and the Group is currently planning further expansion into Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, and Russia.

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