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Computers - Science & Technology Press Release Page 7 Computers - Science & Technology

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Nanolake Technology, Inc. announces the initial testing of their nanotechnology based Ti02 photocatalyst coatings

Nanolake Technology Inc. is an emerging nanotechnology company based in Fort Worth, TX, that is developing nanotechnology based product for the commercial, automotive, and industrial markets. We are pleased to announce that we are in the initial testing phase of our Ti02 photocatalyst coating. - Nanolake Technology Inc., January 24, 2007

RipCode Adds Mark Floyd to its Board of Directors

Industry Veteran Joins Internet Video Equipment Manufacturer - RipCode, January 17, 2007

Cynapse launches - their Collaborative Information Management Service for the Enterprise is a web based service that enables the enterprise to build, collaborate, manage and publish: knowledge, documents, media and files, all within hosted sub-systems. - Cynapse LLC, September 27, 2006

AV Music Morpher Gold 3.0 - An Ideal Music Enhancer

Audio4fun (aka Avnex Ltd.) has recently brought good news to music lovers with updated features and performance of AV Music Morpher Gold 3.0—a versatile music editor and music enhancer. - Avnex Ltd., September 07, 2006

MataiTech LLC includes OpenCores IP with an update of its EDA tool, NAUET 1.5

Mataitech's 4th generation EDA Tool, NAUET™ 1.5, now offers proven OpenCores IP, including the OpenRisc 1200, Wishbone bus, DMA, 10/100 MAC, HDLC, memory controller, USB Host/Slave, I2C, and more. - MataiTech, August 31, 2006

The Evolution Of Photo ID Goes From Analog Film To Digital Simplicity

Cameras have undergone a serious overhaul over the last 10 years. Photo IDs have had to evolve with the technology.

-, July 31, 2006

Yard Access Improved with BlueBean's Do-it-Yourself RFID SecureAccess Solution Kit

If you are looking for a RFID yard access solution that allows flexibility, increases data accuracy and improves asset management then the BlueBean Do-it-Yourself RFID SecureAccess Solution Kit is for you. The do-it-yourself RFID logistics management solution kit, used in conjunction with an existing yard management system, allows users to quickly and accurately identify incoming and outgoing trucks and trailers. - bluebean, July 27, 2006

PBXEQ: Providing Small Businesses with the Technology They Need

PBXEQ provides the right equipment for small businesses' IP PBX systems needed as technology continuously develops. -, July 20, 2006

Music Morpher Center Running a Fashion Week for Cell Phones

Music Morpher Center is running a special promotion week at for cell phone users to fashion their mobiles with various cool ringtones from the new Summer Collections.

- Avnex Ltd., June 28, 2006

Eurotech unveils Zypad, the wrist-worn pc that will revolutionise the way we use computers

The Italian stock exchange saw the unveiling of the Zypad, the wrist-worn computer made by Eurotech. -, June 28, 2006

PBXEQ sponsors Cluecon Telephony Developers Conference

PBXEQ launches extensive campaigns to promote Cluecon, the biggest gathering of telephony experts. -, June 23, 2006

MacA&D OSX 2.0 - System Models, Time Simulation & Dynamic Charts

Excel Software adds system models, simulation and dynamic charts to its suite of software engineering capabilities in MacA&D OSX. - Excel Software, June 05, 2006

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