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Press Release Category Computers - Science & Technology - Nanolake Technology Inc. Release Date: January 24, 2007

Nanolake Technology, Inc. announces the initial testing of their nanotechnology based Ti02 photocatalyst coatings

By Nanolake Technology Inc.
January 24, 2007
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Nanolake Technology Inc. is an emerging nanotechnology company based in Fort Worth, TX, that is developing nanotechnology based product for the commercial, automotive, and industrial markets. We are pleased to announce that we are in the initial testing phase of our Ti02 photocatalyst coating.

PR9.NET January 24, 2007 - Fort Worth, TX -Nanolake Technology Inc. has initiated testing on their photocatalyst line of products that will include such features as self-cleaning, anti-fogging, sterilizing and deodorizing effects. The photocatalyst technology could posses the ability to not just kill bacteria cells, but also decompose the cell itself. These titanium dioxide photocatalyst has been found to be more effective than any other antibacterial agent, because the photocatalytic reaction works even when there are cells covering the surface and while the bacteria is actively propagating. The end toxin produced at the death of cell is also expected to be decomposed by the photocatalytic action. According to their research Titanium dioxide does not deteriorate and it shows a long-term anti-bacterial effect. The research has also found that, disinfections by titanium oxide are three times stronger than chlorine, and 1.5 times stronger than ozone.

The Company plans to continue to develop new and innovative nanotechnology based applications for the commercial, automotive, and industrial markets. After the testing is completed the company plans to adapt the technology into many real world applications, while pursuing various vertical markets. Claudia Montemayor, Nanolake Technology, Inc. President said "Our photocatalyst products, coupled with UV lights can oxidize organic pollutants into nontoxic materials and can disinfect certain bacteria. This technology is very effective at removing hazardous organic compounds, killing a variety of bacteria and viruses in the secondary wastewater treatment. Along with the future release of our product line, we'll be releasing a new website in order to more accurately reflect the vision of our management team and Nanolake Technology's corporate transformation into a multi-faceted, multi-product company."

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About Nanolake Technology Inc.

Nanolake Technology, Inc. is an emerging nanotechnology company that researches and develops nanotechnology based products. They are in the process of brining to market a line of nanotechnology based Ti02 photocatalyst products that they plan to sell through their web site and through a network of distributors.

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