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Press Release Category Computers - Science & Technology - H2GOElectric Ltd Release Date: March 14, 2012

Crowdfunded project enables investors to make Hydrogen Economy happen!

By H2GOElectric Ltd
March 14, 2012
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Rocketing prices at the pumps driven by increases in the cost of oil are forcing western economies to sieze opportunities for fuel alternatives. Rapidly gaining ground is the use of Hydrogen fuel cell technology which gives electric vehicles similar capability to petrol or diesel cars. The drawback, which this project avoids, is absence of Hydrogen distribution to filling stations inhibiting fuel cell car ownership.

PR9.NET March 14, 2012 - By selling a range of electolytic hydrogen generators, H2GOElectric Ltd enables combination of the existing electricity and water mains to produce enough Hydrogen to run fuel cell cars. This bypasses the problem by producing Hydrogen in the owner's garage and dispensing with filling stations altogether. The project has been given a massive vote of confidence by acceptance on the Crowdcube crowdfunding website which enables small investors to participate in supporting pitches they like, -
for whatever reason – by funding in amounts from a few pounds to many thousands.

Operations Director Martin Langley says:

"When we first looked at the crowdfunding model it seemed too good to be true as a way of bypassing institutional (non)-investors, but Luke and Darren have been so helpful that the video rolled out real easy after the script came. Its a democratised way to fund original projects, and now we've got the technology sorted, our most pressing task is to get the message out and offer the opportunity as many interested parties as possible. Our cash requirements are actually quite modest so anybody wanting to take a punt on the Hydrogen Economy need only visit our crowdcube pitch to get an idea of how profit is achived, - then give us their money!"


Or call H2GOElectric Ltd 0208 560 1970 for further information.

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Contact Information of H2GOElectric Ltd Contact Information of H2GOElectric Ltd

About H2GOElectric Ltd

Our proposition is to import, assemble and deploy electrolytic Hydrogen generators among the Automotive trade and domestic users of Hydrogen fueled vehicles.
1. Generation
We address the logistical problem of supplying Hydrogen fuel to automotive outlets by the radical solution of avoiding it altogether. In any urban environment there are the necessary ingredients for Hydrogen generation readily available everywhere in the form of water and mains electricity. A laboratory use generator can be purchased off the shelf to run from an ordinary mains plug and our proposition simply requires the same technology to be scaled up to convert water by the gallon rather than the millilitre. Electricity is a much cheaper source of energy than petrol or LPG, our proposal allows this cost difference to be profitably utilised.

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